M.Div./M.Min. – Pastoral Care Emphasis

Pastoral care ministry cares for and counsels others in understanding their personal stories through a spiritual or religious lens. Coursework for this emphasis prepares students to address a range of difficult or challenging issues that confront people at all stages of life.

Pastoral care emphasis courses include: Introduction to Pastoral Care; Human Sexuality in Ministry; Pastoral Care to the Dying and Their Families; Emergency Pastoral Care; Group Leadership; Anger, Guilt and Shame; and Pastoral Care with Family Systems. In addition, residential students are required to take one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education.

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Students emerge from ESR with a sound, basic foundation in pastoral care that prepares them to pursue certification, through a one-year residency program, as a chaplain or member of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.

Recent and Upcoming Pastoral Care Courses

2017 Spring PC 368 Pastoral Care with the Dying and Their Families residential
2017 Fall PC 333 Human Sexuality residential
2018 January PC 328-T Emergency Pastoral Care two-week intensive
2018  Spring PC 101-O Introduction to Pastoral Care online
2018 Spring PC 258 Anger, Guilt, and Shame residential
2018 Fall PC 101 Introduction to Pastoral Care residential
2018 Fall PC 348-O Family Systems online

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Recent and Upcoming Pastoral Care Conferences and Events

Students, prospective students and others interested in pastoral care should plan to attend the 26th Quakers in Pastoral Care and Counseling Annual Conference, March 23-26, 2017. The theme is Centered in Wholeness: Body and Spirit, and features former ESR Spirituality Professor Stephanie Ford.

Massage, yoga, aromatherapy, centering prayer, time in nature, and other self-care opportunities are available to attendees.


Introduction to Pastoral Care