Academic Programs


ESR’s curriculum is specifically designed in its parts and as a whole to fulfill the School’s mission. The School fulfills its mission through meeting a set of specific educational goals that together cover a range of learning needs for students. These goals are met through the programmatic structure of the curriculum, through the faculty’s offering of its specific courses of instruction, and through the experiences of worship and community at ESR.

The ESR Credo, “we hold that Christ is Present, guiding and directing our lives, and that we can know and obey Christ’s will,” is the foundation for this curriculum and context in which the School offers theological education. From the beginning, ESR has maintained that only growth in the whole person will provide the kind of foundation for leadership needed in the Society of Friends, that this growth needs academic and intellectual input, but that finally it comes only with the movements of the Holy Spirit in study, in class, in worship and in fellowship together. In its pedagogy, ESR returns repeatedly to that quintessential question from George Fox: “what canst thou say,” a question that asks not for mere argument but for a listening to the Inward Teacher who sifts through with us the information and ideas gained to guide us into knowledge and action. The experiences of learning and worship within this context give the ESR education a distinctly Quaker character.