Academic Programs

Leadership Studies

LS 101-O Organizational Leadership

This course is the foundational course required for the leadership emphasis, and is open without prerequisites to all students. The course surveys key aspects of organizational leadership such as organizational psychology, personnel management, fund raising, volunteer engagement, communication with external constituencies, conflict resolution, and spirit in the workplace.
3 semester hours.

LS 184 Fiscal and Resource Stewardship

This course provides an introduction and exploration of what good stewardship means for congregations and religious not-for-profits. Topics will include congregational and denominational governance, budgeting, insurance, investments, human resources, physical plant and fund-raising.
3 semester hours.

LS 365-O/T Leadership Formation

This course examines the discipline of leadership studies as a context for considering models of religious leadership, and especially Quaker ideas of identity formation in relationship to organizational leadership. Attention will be given to creating a philosophy of leadership appropriate to the student’s theological, spiritual, and personal understandings of God, self, and ministry.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisite: LS 101-O

LS 374 Quaker Process

This course focuses upon specifically Quaker practices related to leadership such as clerking, eldering, recording, and committee formation.  Non-Quaker students would be expected to consider how these leadership practices might translate to their respective traditions.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisite: LS 101-O or Quaker Studies course

LS 400 Independent Study

See BS 400.