Academic Programs

Pastoral Ministry

PM 101-O Introduction to Preaching

This course assists students in acquiring the basic knowledge and skills for effective biblical preaching.  Attention is given to biblical exegesis in the preparation of sermons, and students are instructed and given opportunity to apply homiletical theory and skills toward the development of their own preaching voice.
3 semester hours.

PM 117 Church Administration

This course is an introduction to the basic principles and practices of organization, administration, and leadership within the context of the local church. The course is approached from a perspective of spiritual formation, meaning that every aspect of church administration will be considered not only in terms of efficient business practice but in terms of how the business practices of a church are avenues in which pastors, board members, and other paid staff and volunteers can experience the working of the “Presence in the midst.” Such practices include, but are not limited to church board leadership, decision making, budgeting and finance, visioning and planning, change, conflict resolution, recruiting and working with volunteers, and legal issues facing churches including the safety and protection of minors.
3 semester hours.

PM 150 Pastoral Spirituality

This course emphasizes the personal side of pastoring, including the importance of caring for one’s physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health. Students will become familiar with the joys and pitfalls of being part of a pastoral family and begin to develop a personal philosophy of pastoral ministry.
3 semester hours.

PM 231 Church’s Mission in World Community

This course focuses on how the church understands and undertakes its mission in the world. Historical and contemporary models will be examined with careful attention given to problems relating to the conversion experience, cross-cultural ministry, religious pluralism, and church growth.
3 semester hours.

PM 250-T Work of the Pastor

This course emphasizes the day-to-day ministry of pastoring. Primary foci are: the candidating process, visitation ministry, weddings and pre-marital counseling, and funerals and grief care. Discussions of principles, as well as opportunities for practice, are integral to this course.
3 semester hours.

PM 260-T Friends Pastor

What makes pastoral Friends different from other Christian churches? This course will examine the way some Friends, while adopting the pastoral system, have attempted to maintain a distinctively Quaker style of worship, outreach, administration, leadership and pastoral care. The role of the Friends pastor will be considered in light of historical precedents and contemporary paradoxes.
3 semester hours.

PM 261 Pastor and Religious Education

What is the pastor’s role in the educational work of the church?  History, educational philosophy, and contemporary settings will be considered en route to helping students identify what part they, as pastoral ministers, will play in the nurture of their congregations through religious education.
3 semester hours.

PM 320 Theology and Preaching

What is the role of theology in preaching?  Is it possible to “do” theology in the pulpit without turning the worship experience into a dull, formal lecture?  This course will engage students in reflection on theological issues from a homiletical perspective.  It will also give students opportunities to preach sermons that are biblically based, theologically focused, and creatively developed.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisite: TS 101/101-O & PM 101-O or other preaching course

PM 400  Independent Study

See BS 400.