Academic Programs

Synthesis Capstone

SC 370/370-O Supervised Ministry

The Supervised Ministry Seminar helps students prepare for ministry through an internship in a setting appropriate for their calling/gifts and through reflection on their ministry. Each week, supervision by an experienced practitioner provides feedback, guidance, nurture, and evaluation, as does the seminar in which students present and process incidents in ministry. In addition, students attend at least 30 hours of workshops related to their ministry.  Arrangements for supervised ministry sites/projects, and for weekly reflection with a supervisor, are made during the second semester of the previous year.
9 semester hours.
Prerequisite: faculty approval of the student’s readiness for Supervised Ministry and at least 27 semester hours, including the following courses: FC 101/101-T and 102/102-O, FC 339/339-T, BS 101/101-O, B 102/102-O, one introductory history course (H 101/101-O, H 102/102-O, or HS 103/103-O), and for residential students two courses in the student’s emphasis, for Access students two Competency in Ministry courses.

SC 380 Comprehensive Seminar

This seminar is part of the evaluation process in the student’s achievement of a degree and is to be taken in the spring semester before the degree is to be granted. It enables the student to have an experience in integrating learning from all areas of the curriculum around a given problem. The seminar also serves to strengthen a student in areas of weakness.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisite/corequisite: SC 370/370-O