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Quaker Ministry

Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies
Stephen Angell, Geraldine Leatherock Professor of Quaker Studies, celebrating as co-editor with other contributors to The Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies

Friends’ endorsement of universal ministry and their commitment to be led by the Spirit call for the open exploration of potential avenues of and models for ministry in life and work. Quaker understandings of God, humanity, faith, and practice are identified and explored in these courses, and provide a rich context for considering how ministry is offered individually, and within corporate settings. Courses in this area include: Quaker Public Ministry; Quaker History and Literature; Quaker Beliefs; Modern Quaker Life and Thought; and the Creation of Modern Quaker Diversity.

Upcoming Courses

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2014 Fall QS 347 Modern Quaker Life & Thought residential
2014 Fall SP 212 Mysticism: Quaker Tradition residential
2015 January QS 340-T Quaker Beliefs two-week intensive
2015 Spring HC 103 American Religious History residential
2015 May LS 374-T Quaker Processes for Leadership two-week intensive

Quaker Studies Course Descriptions