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Jay Marshall
Jay Marshall, Dean of ESR, facilitating a panel discussion at the 2013 Leadership Conference

Leadership comes in various forms. It can be informal, temporary, or by office. It may operate within traditional structures, or in a prophetic mode that challenges structures. Because a call to ministry is a call to service, it will in most instances involve leadership at certain periods, in various capacities. Preparation for ministry needs to consider power dynamics and responsibilities of leadership, as well as the demands this places upon those in leadership. Courses in this area include: Organizational Leadership; Religious Leadership Formation; Quaker Process in Matters of Leadership, Fiscal and Resource Stewardship.

Recent and Upcoming Courses

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2015 Fall LS 365-O Leadership Formation online
2016 May LS 300-T Leadership with a Biblical Influence two-week intensive
2016 Fall LS 101-O Organizational Leadership online

Religious Leadership Course Descriptions

Upcoming Conferences

  • 2016 Pastors Conference: Bivocational Pastoral Ministry - March 21, 2016

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  • ESR Leadership website Links to resources, a leadership bibliography, and 37 videos of Quaker leaders talking abou leadership at all levels in the Religious Society of Friends.