Scholarship Funds

Many generous donors support the Earlham School of Religion. Income from the following endowed funds is used to provide financial aid to ESR Students, including Cooper Scholar and Thomas J Mullen awards, Need-based Aid, and the Nancy K Mullen Scholarship.

Bertha Esther Ballard Scholarship

In honor of Bertha Ballard, this fund was established in 1976 with the assets of the former Bertha Esther Ballard Home Association (Indianapolis). The scholarship may be awarded to women or men, with preference given to women.

Chester Bowles Scholarship

Through the generosity of Chester E. Bowles, this scholarship is awarded to students preparing for pastoral ministry in Friends churches. Preference is given to members of Mid-American Yearly Meeting or, if unavailable, to other Friends.

Wendell T. Bradley Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by a gift from Wendell Bradley’s mother Rebecca Winchell. It is intended as a “…recognition and encouragement which in some cases may be a turning point in a student’s efforts”, and should go to students with a special interest in Christian writing.

Walter and Viola Braxton Scholarship

This unrestricted scholarship was established through the generosity of two North Carolina Friends, Walter and Viola Braxton. Its funds are used for persons preparing for a variety of ministries.

Carter Scholarship

Established by Wayne and Betsy Parker Carter in memory of their parents, Walter E. and Arlie B. Carter, and J. Hollowel and Ruth H. Parker, this scholarship is given to students who show promise for effective pastoral leadership within the Religious Society of Friends.

Lillian Claus Scholarship

Through the generosity of Lillian Claus, a businesswoman and Christian layperson concerned about theological education, this scholarship provides aid to young men preparing for ministry.

Mary Larkin Cook Scholarship

Established by Horace P. Cook in memory of his wife Mary Larkin Cook, this scholarship is for a student who plans to prepare for the Friends ministry, preferably in Indiana Yearly Meeting.

Wilmer and Emily Haines Cooper Scholarship

Established by the ESR Board of Advisors, this scholarship fund honors ESR’s founding dean and his wife. This scholarship is awarded to Quaker students who show strong promise for ministry within the Religious Society of Friends.

F. Earl Durham, Jr. Memorial Scholarships

Given in memory of F. Earl Durham, Jr., two male scholars who are preparing for Christian service may receive this award each year. Preference is given but not restricted to students preparing for service in the Religious Society of Friends.

Evelyn Clark Elliott Scholarship

A gift from Friends Manor of Wichita, In.c established this scholarship to be used for Quaker students attending ESR, with preference given to students from Kansas.

O. Herschel Folger Scholarship

Given in memory of O. Herschel Folger, a prominent Friends leader and pastor, priority is given to members of First Friends Greensboro, N.C., next to other members of North Carolina Yearly Meeting (FUM), or finally to other Quaker students who have demonstrated financial need.

Geneva Fort Scholarship

This unrestricted scholarship was established through a bequest from Geneva Fort.

Howell-Hill Scholarship

Established by Robert Howell in memory of his parents, Claude and Cora, and his grandparents, Aaron and Ella Hill, this scholarship is awarded to students with financial need.

Thomas E. Jones Scholarship

Established with memorial gifts from friends of Thomas E. Jones, President of Earlham College from 1946 to 1958, this is an unrestricted scholarship.

Leonard Kenworthy Scholarship

This scholarship was created through a generous bequest from Leonard Kenworthy, a Quaker scholar and writer, and the gifts of family members. It provides scholarship support for international students with financial need desiring to study at the Earlham School of Religion.

Murray Kenworthy Memorial Scholarship

Given by Carroll Kenworthy in memory of his father, Murray Kenworthy, who served the Society of Friends as a pastor, teacher, and leader in many Quaker organizations including the American Friends Service Committee, Friends Committee on National Legislation, and the FUM Board of Missions. This scholarship is awarded to students with financial need.

Lee and Wilma Kern Scholarship

As firm believers in the value of education, the Kerns established this scholarship to benefit individuals interested in theological education. It is awarded based on financial need, and is given to persons of reasonable academic strength.

Marshburn Family Scholarship

Given by members of the Marshburn family in honor of Oscar and Olive Marshburn, with preference to students preparing for Christian ministry among Friends.

Nancy Kortepeter Mullen Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1998 by the Mullen family and other special friends to honor the courage and compassion of Nancy K. Mullen, wife of former ESR Dean, Tom Mullen. The scholarship is unrestricted and may be awarded to any ESR student who embodies the characteristics of “courage of convictions, love and compassion for all, hunger for learning, a joyful spirit and inspiration to others.”

Julian Elizabeth Dismore Nicholson Scholarship

Students with financial need and who exhibit strong gifts for ministry receive this scholarship established by Robert Nicholson and other family members in memory of Julian Elizabeth Dismore Nicholson.

Glenn A. Reece Memorial Scholarship

Established in memory of Glenn A. Reece, who served Friends for 58 years, this scholarship is awarded each year to an outstanding second year student intending to enter the pastoral ministry.

Velma Reece Memorial Scholarship

Established in memory of Velma Leonard Reece, this scholarship is awarded each year to a second-year student who exemplifies the Christian characteristics evident in Velma Reece’s life-long quiet ministry of loving concern for that of God in everyone.

Delbert E. Replogle Scholarship

Established in 1974 by Delbert Replogle, this is an unrestricted scholarship fund for ESR students.

Mary Gaunt Rhoads Scholarship

As she approached her 100th birthday, this scholarship was established by Mary’s family, David and Elizabeth Rhoads, to honor her lifelong support of the Quaker peace testimony, worship and spirituality. It is to be awarded annually to a student with demonstrated financial need, belonging to Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York or New England Yearly meeting, with an emphasis in either Spirituality or Quaker Ministry.

Ethel Clark Starrett Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1998 from a generous bequest from Ethel Clark Starrett to “assist worthy students needing help to finance their education and training for the ministry, with special emphasis on the assistance of black students seeking such training and education.”

Carl and Eleanor Stemple Scholarship

This scholarship was funded by a gift from Robert and Patricia Stemple to honor Robert’s parents. The purpose of this gift is to provide scholarship support for students from third and fourth world countries to attend ESR. Alternatively and secondarily, this scholarship may be awarded to first and second world students to attend ESR.

John Morris and Mayme Stout Scholarship

Established by a bequest from Louie Blanche Greenlee, this scholarship is for the purpose of educating qualified and worthy graduate students at ESR. Preference is to the descendants of John and Mayme Stout, members of the New London Friends Church, or any worthy and qualified student.

Alfred T. And Lillian H. Ware Scholarship

Edith and Willard Ware established this fund in memory of his parents. Preference for this award is given to a married student.

Willard H. and Edith C. Ware Scholarship

Established through a charitable trust from Edith and Willard Ware, this scholarship is awarded to American and/or foreign students, preferably Quakers, based on need as well as scholastic ability.

Clifton and Alma Warren Scholarship

Clifton Warren, of Wilmington, Ohio, was a generous supporter of ESR and Earlham College. His gift provides income for an unrestricted scholarship.

William W. Wildman Scholarship

This unrestricted scholarship was established in his memory after the death of William Wendell Wildman, by his mother Marguerite and wife Margaret.

Caroline R. and Charles M. Woodman Scholarships

Dudley and Alma Woodman established these two scholarships. One is to be awarded to one female student entering ESR, and another to a male or female student.