ESR publishes Leading Quakers

ESR is excited to present a new publication written by ESR graduate and Director of Outreach Jennie Isbell. Jennie's book, Leading Quakers: Discipleship Leadership, A Friends Model, is a nine-chapter book designed to lead worshiping communities through a thought-provoking year of adult religious education on the topic of leadership development in the congregation.

Leading Quakers explores theological and practical vocabulary and offers exercises for deepening communication and connection within the group. At the center of the book, readers will find a discernment oriented Quaker-style inventory of gifts for the corporate body and the individuals who comprise it. This is just one of the tools offered for addressing questions such as: What is God calling this group to in this time? Who are the leaders and the leaders-to-be and how can they be nurtured in their work? How can others follow with their gifts?

Leading Quakers can be purchased online by clicking here, or by contacting Donna Trankley at 765-983-1687, 1-800-432-1377, or emailing