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Are you curious about attending seminary? Do you want to explore what it means to pursue an education that is grounded in Friends testimonies? Are you interested in taking a first step or visiting us? Or would you like to learn how to support our ministry of education?

We can provide some answers. And, we can help seekers with their discernment. Contact us and we’ll be in touch.


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Main Number800-432-1377 or 765-983-1423
Business Office765-983-1540
Alumni/External Relations765-983-2158
Academic Services765-983-1816
ESR Access (Distance Learning)765-983-1588
Web Site765-983-1588
Seminary Computing Services (SCS)765-983-1262

Please refer to administrative faculty, teaching faculty and staff profiles for individual email addresses.

Mailing Address

Earlham School of Religion
228 College Ave.
Richmond, IN 47374