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ESR Hosts Betsy Meyer as Friend in Residence - Feb. 22-27

Elizabeth "Betsy" Meyer will be visiting ESR as Friend in Residence for the week of February 22-27th. Betsy is a current member of the ESR Board of Advisors and serves as the Clerk of Baltimore Yearly Meeting (“BYM”) Interim Meeting and of BYM’s Supervisory Committee. While on campus, Betsy will speak in worship and common meal, as well as lead two workshop opportunities.

Elizabeth "Betsy" Meyer
Elizabeth "Betsy" Meyer

Betsy will be the speaker for ESR's Common Meal on Tuesday, February 23rd. She will share some of her spiritual journey; how God has worked in her life to form her through daily living. She also will tell us the stories of when she heard the voice of the Devil and when she saw the face of God. She will also offer the message for ESR meeting at worship on Thursday February 25th, focusing on Isaiah’s transforming vision (Isaiah 6:1-7); how suffering cleanses and prepares us for ministry.

On Friday, February 26th, Betsy will lead a workshop on Discovering your Spiritual Gifts. Betsy will share how, by recognizing our own spiritual gifts and those of others in our community, we can better participate as an integral part of the Body of Christ. Participants will learn what spiritual gifts are and some names for those gifts, discuss what ministries these gifts may be leading us to, and through queries, consider what gifts they may have been given and where God may be leading them to serve the Body of Christ. The workshop will take place from 12-3:30 pm and lunch is included. Reservations are requested for lunch and head count, and can be made by contacting Jennie Isbell, ESR Director of Outreach, at (800) 432-1377 or by emailing

Ending her time as Friend in Residence, Betsy will provide a workshop for the 10th Annual Spirituality Gathering, which will take place on Saturday, February 27th. Her workshop, titled Transforming Suffering through the Psalms: An Experiential Workshop, will be a part of a day themed A Spirituality of Caring in the Midst of Suffering, featuring Keynote Speaker Dr. Dominic Vachon.

More information about Elizabeth "Betsy" Meyer: She is part of the leadership of the BYM Spiritual Formation Program, which has been deepening the spiritual experience of BYM Friends for over 20 years. She is a spiritual presence in BYM and often is called upon to lead workshops and retreats based on her direct spiritual experience. Betsy is trained as a lawyer and a certified public accountant, and she has worked as an investigator of securities fraud. She retired from practicing law over ten years ago to devote more time to family and to spiritual growth. Following a leading to begin memorizing Psalms, she spent nine years learning the Psalms, and knows them all. She always has a psalm in her heart. Betsy loves the Bible, but her knowledge of the Bible is mostly self-taught and inner-teacher-taught. She feels called to a ministry of Biblical preaching among liberal Friends. Betsy loves elephants, and volunteers at the National Zoo in Washington, talking to visitors about elephants.

Event Date: 
02/22/2010 (All day) - 02/27/2010 (All day)