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ESR Announces Interactive Website Feature

In addition to a newly designed website earlier this fall, ESR has also added a Vocal Ministries page to its site. This page is home to articles on a variety of theological topics, with the newest category being issues related to young adult friends.

The articles related to young adult friends are being coordinated by Micah Bales (M.Div. '09), who is serving as Coordinator of Young Adult Engagement this year at ESR. In addition to Micah's work, articles and audio recordings from ESR Faculty members can also be found on this page.

These articles and other resources are not only available to be read, but comments can also be added. ESR encourages all who visit to share their thoughts and ideas, and hopefully create engaging conversation with one another on the variety of topics offered.

The direct link for the ESR Vocal Ministries page is:

We hope you will visit, read, and share your comments!