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Common Meal

Throughout the school year the ESR community joins together for a common meal on Tuesdays at 11:20am. We begin by joining hands together in the gathering area of the ESR student center to share joys and concerns. A volunteer welcomes the group, encourages the sharing of joys and concerns, and then concludes the time with a blessing for the meal. Students, faculty, and staff pay by semester or per meal as they go through the line. The meal is served buffet style. Before the program begins a volunteer asks for announcements, and has visitors introduced. Several volunteers help with early and with late cleanup. A variety of programs are offered throughout the year and conclude at 1pm.

Once a month ESR and Bethany get together for a joint common meal.

Common Meal 2013-2014 Fall Session Schedule:

All meals are on Tuesday from 11:20 - 1:00 unless otherwise noted  (Caterer shown in parenthesis)

August Intensives, Wednesday's from Noon - 1:00 - August 7th and 14th (Jen Ferrell)

Sep 3 - New student and employee introductions. (Jen Ferrell)

Sep 10 - Student Meeting for Business Community LIfe Committee (Sodexo)

Sep 17 - Joint Common Meal with Bethany - Jane Pinzino, Earlham Library Services (Jen Ferrell)

Sept 24 - Volunteer Fair ( Sodexo)

Oct 1 - Jay Marshall presents ESR's new Strategic Plan (Jen Ferrell)

Oct 8 - Friend in Residence Wess Daniels ( Sodexo)

Wedesday Oct 16 - Joint Common Meal with Bethany - CPE presentations

Oct 22 - Jennifer Frick:  Hospice Volunteer information (Jen Ferrell)

Oct 29 - ESR student Erin Hougland shares her summer experience at Navaholand (Sodexo)

Nov 5 - Nancy Bowen and travel companion Deborah Appler report on their trip to Africa earlier this year (Jen Ferrell)

Nov 12 - Lonnie Valentin helps us understand the confusing world of "Quakerisms" (Sodexo)

Nov 19 - Joint Common Meal with Bethany - Writing students (Jen Ferrell)

Nov 26 - No meal, Thanksgiving Break

Dec 3 - Skit day

January Intensives, Wednesday's from Noon - 1:00 - January 8th and 15th (Jen Ferrell)