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ESR to Host 2012 Pastors Conference

Post date: Tue, 2015-10-27 02:44

Earlham School of Religion will host their annual Pastors Conference on Monday, October 1, 2012 in the ESR Center. Keynote speaker Debora Jackson will deliver three plenary sessions on the topic The 7 R's of Sanctuary. Rev. Jackson, Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Needham, PA, is also an independent consultant with Executive Soul and published author.

A Call for Applications for the Tom Mullen Ministry of Writing Fellowship

Post date: Tue, 2015-10-27 02:39

The Earlham School of Religion is currently accepting applications from those interested in the Tom Mullen Ministry of Writing Fellowship for the 2012-2013 Academic Year. Application Deadline: October 12, 2012

ESR Celebrates 2012 Baccalaureate and Commencement

Post date: Tue, 2015-10-27 02:35

This past weekend ESR celebrated the graduation of 20 students from the class of 2012. A group of 14 students received their Master of Divinity, three received an M.A., and another three will be December 2012 graduates.

ESR Welcomes Poet Scott Cairns for 2011 Ministry of Writing Colloquium

Post date: Tue, 2015-10-27 02:28

Earlham School of Religion will be hosting the 20th Annual Ministry of Writing Colloquium November 4th and 5th on their Richmond campus.  Poet and author Scott Cairns will present the keynote topic: The Poem in Progress: a Way of Knowing, which will describe the poetic text as not being a means of expressing what is already known, but as a way of knowing, of seeing, of glimpsing what is not yet known.

ESR Upgrades Digital Quaker Collection Website

Post date: Tue, 2015-10-27 02:26

ESR recently upgraded the website which houses the Digital Quaker Collection (DQC). Built about 8 years ago, the DQC gives ESR Access students a connection to the same quality information as our residential students have on campus at Earlham's Lilly Library.

ESR Celebrates 2011 Commencement Events

Post date: Tue, 2015-10-27 02:24

The end of the year celebrations at Earlham School of Religion this past weekend provided the community with a variety of opportunities to share with our graduates the joy of marking the end of one time in their lives and the beginning of new opportunities for ministry and service.

Rieger Shares Views on Empire, Economics and Christianity for 2011 Willson Lectures

Post date: Tue, 2015-10-27 02:21

Joerg Rieger was the 2011 Willson Lecturer at the Earlham School of Religion on April 4-5. He presented three lectures on the Richmond, Indiana campus addressing the theme: Empire, Economics, and Christ: Does Christianity Still Make a Difference?

East Shares "Leaps and Bounds" with ESR Community

Post date: Tue, 2015-10-27 02:12

“I’m here today because I’ve realized that our economy not only fails to provide for the basic needs of humankind, it also refuses to regard the limits of the Earth -- our home and life support system. Progress has upped the anty, and now our bulging bubbling economy is leaving a heavy footprint,” shared Tevyn East, as she began her keynote performance for the 2011 ESR Spirituality Gathering.

ESR Launches Learning and Leading Blog

Post date: Tue, 2015-10-27 01:52

Earlham School of Religion is excited to announce the launch of our official blog, Learning and Leading. In recent years, ESR has been actively involved on various social networks, and some individual faculty members and students have maintained personal blogs.

ESR Receives Gift of the Lauramoore Friends Home

Post date: Tue, 2015-10-27 01:30

ESR was recently the recipient of the historic Lauramoore Friends Home, a beautifully preserved 14-room Victorian home, located on 1.3 acres, and less than a mile from the ESR campus. Formerly a private residence, and most recently incorporated as a non-profit organization, administered by Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting the home was gifted to ESR by their Board of Directors.