2016 ESR Leadership Conference: "That Fierce Heat of Living" with Samir Selmanović

An entrepreneur is really a bearer of risk. Like Jesus was. If you follow, in this largely inner game, everything that you fear will be put before you. Get ready for embarrassment, failure, and rejection. By befriending our fears, however, we become robustly vulnerable and therefore powerful. We learn to love well and serve the world in creative and productive ways.

Samir Selmanović, PhD PCC, is an Executive Life Coach and Leadership Development Advisor who has coached 100+ leaders and consulted 20+ organizations from diverse sectors of society. He has been a guest speaker at educational institutions, including Harvard and Princeton Universities. His non-profit interfaith leadership work has been profiled in the New York Times. Samir’s current interests are Narrative Coaching and Design, and Conversational Intelligence. Samir lives in Manhattan, has a complicated love relationship with New York City and tends to miss subway stops while reading. When the going gets tough, he goes into his kitchen and cooks up kindness for family, friends, and strangers. Samir lives wholeheartedly and will die an entrepreneur. www.wisdomworkroom.com

Event Date: 
08/13/2016 (All day)