2017 ESR Spirituality Gathering - Lecture Two: Our Speaking and Our Identity

2017 ESR Spirituality Gathering
A Part of the Willson Lecture Series

Words and Realities: Language and the Inward Landscape

Featuring Keynote Speaker Brian Drayton

Brian Drayton, a plant ecologist working in science education, is a recorded Quaker minister who has long encouraged Friends' unity and witness, drawing on resources for individual and community life found in early Quaker writings.  His retreats and workshops focus on his concern to encourage Friends in Gospel ministry. His writings include A language for the inward landscape (co-authored with Bill Taber); On Living with a Concern for Gospel Ministry  (Quaker Press, 2005); and various pamphlets including Pendle Hill pamphlets. Brian is a member of Weare (NH) monthly meeting in New England Yearly Meeting.  He and his wife Darcy Drayton, an artist and teacher, have two sons and two grandchildren.

Lecture II - Our Speaking and Our Identity (lecture two PDF)

In Drayton's second lecture, he will consider the following queries: How does a dialogue with traditional Quaker language help us discover our own spiritual identity?  What happens when classic Quaker terms have different meanings (or no meaning) when spoken by 21st century Quakers?

Event Date: 
03/11/2017 (All day)