Academic Services

Registration for Courses

Registration dates for each semester are printed in the academic calendar published prior to the beginning of each school year. August intensives, the Fall semester, and the January intensives are included in the Session One registration. The Spring semester and May intensives are included in Session Two registration. A $50* fee is charged for late registration. After the first week of the semester-long courses, no courses may be added. Students may drop courses during the first two weeks without penalty. If courses are dropped during the second two-week period, only 1/2 of the tuition will be refunded. Courses may still be dropped in the third two weeks of the semester, however no tuition or fees will be refunded. For specific dates, consult the academic calendar at Seminary Academic Services, or click here 2019-20 or 2020-21. Some courses may have a set limit for enrollment, and courses with low registrations may be canceled.

Auditing Courses

With the consent of the instructor concerned, students may audit a course for $350* plus technology fees. ESR degree program graduates may audit courses for $100* plus technology fees. A student who is enrolled for nine semester hours or more may audit one additional course without extra charge. If a full-time student doesn’t use the free audit, spouses of those students may audit one course per semester, without charge. Any spouse wishing to audit a course should contact the Director of Recruitment and Admissions. Completion and submission of the Spousal Audit Form is required for consideration of the request.

Cross-Registration Courses

ESR and its partner seminary, Bethany, have an open registration agreement by which students enrolled in one school may register for courses offered by the partner school within the regular registration process and without additional charge. Exceptions to this open registration are ESR’s Supervised Ministry and Bethany’s Ministry Formation courses.

As many as three upper level courses at Earlham College may be taken with permission of the Academic Dean of the College and the Dean of ESR. In addition, ESR has a cooperative relationship with four area seminaries—Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana, Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Payne Theological Seminary in Wilberforce, Ohio, just outside of Dayton, and United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. Students may take courses at these seminaries as electives in their programs at ESR and may register for them as ESR students, paying ESR tuition. ESR expects students to take required courses at ESR, however, and students should seek permission of the Dean prior to taking courses at any other institution in order to ensure that those credits will transfer into ESR's programs. ESR also has a partnership with the Unitarian Universalist House of Studies at Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO), whereby UU students at ESR can earn an emphasis in Unitarian Universalist Ministry.  

Lists of currently offered courses at these schools are available online at their respective websites listed above and may also be available through the Joint Seminaries Registrar's office or on-line at Seminary Academic Services.

Academic Records

All academic records, including official transcripts, are maintained in the Academic Services Office. Students have the right to review these records, except for materials where the student has waived that right. Requests for transcripts should be addressed to the Director of Academic Services. A transcript fee will be charged for all but the first transcript per student.

Request a transcript form.


Incompletes for course work are granted only under extenuating circumstances when situations arise that are entirely beyond the student’s control. Normally, an extension of no more than two weeks will be given. Requests for incompletes must be submitted by the date indicated on the Academic Calendar, which is available from the Director of Academic Services and on-line at Seminary Academic Services.

Leaves of Absence and Withdrawals from School

Occasionally, students determine they would benefit by delaying or ending their seminary studies. They are asked first to meet with their faculty advisor. Students who wish to suspend their studies temporarily should discuss their intentions with the Business Manager, and complete a Request for Leave of Absence (LOA) form. In such cases, students state the reason for their leave, the semester(s) for which they are seeking a leave, and their anticipated date of return. Students who take a leave of absence may re-enter ESR without further application for up to two years.

Students who wish to withdraw completely from ESR should do so only if they do not expect to return to the School. Students who wish to withdraw in good standing from the Earlham School of Religion must first have a conference with their advisor. After discussing their intentions with the Business Manager, they should complete a withdrawal form. They will be asked to have an exit interview with the Director of Recruitment and Admissions. Students who withdraw must reapply for admission should they wish to re-enter the School at a later date. Please see regulations governing refunds of tuition and fees.