ESR Certificate – Spirituality

Spiritual preparation comes from prayer, worship, counsel from spiritual advisors, and engagement with one's faith community. For those who want to explore the life of the Spirit, for personal or vocational reasons, ESR offers the Spirituality Certificate.

Certificate courses are designed to deepen students' spiritual lives and expand their ability to offer ministry as a result of inner leadings and promptings from the Holy Spirit. ESR’s Spirituality Certificate is a six-course program that can be completed in as little as two years.

Courses may include:

  • FC 101 – Spiritual Formation and Personal Practice (required – offered as an August two-week intensive each year)
  • SP 212 – Mysticism in Quaker Tradition
  • SP 214 – Prayer
  • SP 233 – Christian Discipleship and Living in the Spirit
  • SP 234 – Spiritual Formation and the Mystical Tradition
  • SP 360 – New Frontiers in Spirituality
  • SP 320 – Spirituality and Images of God
  • SP 336 – Eco-Spirituality
  • SP 342 – History of Christian Spirituality
  • PJ 370 – Spirituality of Peacemaking

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