M.Div./M.Min. – Quaker Ministry Emphasis

Within Friends meetings, and beyond, Quaker values speak to the condition of people who seek stronger relationships with God, humankind, and all creation. This appeal springs from the Spirit-led nature of Quaker faith, and its commitment to testing those leadings in community with others. Friends rich history, beliefs and practices have much to offer the world

The Quaker ministry emphasis explores Friends understandings of God, humanity, faith, and practice. These provide rich context for considering how ministry is offered individually and within corporate settings. Courses in this emphasis include Quaker Public Ministry; Quaker History and Literature; Quaker Beliefs; Modern Quaker Life and Thought; and the Creation of Modern Quaker Diversity.

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Recent and Upcoming Quaker Ministry Courses

2019 January QS 340-T Quaker Beliefs two-week intensive
2019 Spring SP 390 Quaker Spirituality residential
2019 May QS 390 Individual Quaker Thinkers  two-week intensive
2019 Fall QS 250 Creation of Modern Quaker Diversity residential and blended
2020 January QS 377-T Quaker Public Ministry two-week intensive
2020 Spring QS 107 Quaker History and Literature residential
2020 August QS 339-T Quakers and the Bible two-week intensive
2020 Fall QS 150 Introduction to Quakerism residential and blended
2021 January QS 390-T Quaker Spirituality two-week intensive
2021 Spring SP 320 Quaker Encounters with Buddhism residential and blended

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Recent and Upcoming Quaker Ministry Conferences and Events

Students, prospective students and others interested in pastoral care should plan to attend the  Quakers in Pastoral Care and Counseling Annual Conference, held each spring. 

Explore Quaker Resources

ESR is committed to Quaker scholarship and leadership. Faculty and staff developed and maintained important resources that are made freely available to Friends and the ecumenical world. These include:

Digital Quaker Collection, a digital library containing full text and page images of over 500 individual Quaker works from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Quaker Information Center, which works on behalf of the Religious Society of Friends to answer questions from Friends and non-Friends alike, directing inquirers to information and resources from and about the Society of Friends.

Quaker Bible Index, a comprehensive Scripture index to early Quaker writings.


residential/blended online