Quaker Spirituality Certificate

Courses seek to integrate vigorous academic study with the experiential dimension of the inward life. This certificate is thus well-suited both for those who are exploring avenues of public ministry as well as those who are seeking to deepen their spiritual lives.

Quaker spirituality is rooted in worship, in both individual and corporate attentiveness to divine guidance, and in openness to being led into something new. As a Quaker seminary, ESR is uniquely situated to offer a Certificate in Quaker Spirituality.


The program consists of six courses and can be completed within two years. Courses may be taken entirely from the study of Spirituality, or you can choose up to two electives from across the curriculum.

Required courses (choose six):

  • Quaker Spirituality (required)
  • Spiritual Formation and Personal Practice
  • Quakers Among Mystics
  • Topics Seminar in Spirituality with Quaker Emphasis
  • The Quaker Encounter with Buddhism
  • History of Christian Spirituality
  • Spirituality of Peacemaking
  • Up to two electives from across the curriculum

Our faculty

The Quaker Spirituality program is led by Michael Birkel, professor of Christan spirituality.

Next steps

Ministry isn’t just a vocation or a calling—it’s a way of being in this world, seeking to make it whole. ESR is ready to support you in answering your own call to ministry, whatever shape it takes.