Certificate – Entrepreneurial Ministry

Entrepreneurs and innovators dream of new solutions to generational problems and current conundrums. An increasing number of individuals find themselves called to minister and serve in contexts without ready-made organizational support. Often their dreams languish simply because there is no clear path forward.

As ministry, entrepreneurial efforts are never merely about bringing innovative ideas to life. They arise from a sense that the Divine is nudging us to offer our gifts and service via new forms and avenues. They seek to serve God and humankind in ways that transform and improve our lives together.

In this certificate program, ESR provides a foundation, content, plus a cohort group to help those individuals called to entrepreneurial forms of ministry, including the launch of that ministry before program’s conclusion.

Applicants for the certificate must have completed the equivalent of 1 year toward an M.Div.


ESR Entrepreneurial Ministry from Earlham School of Religion on Vimeo.

Jay Marshal, former Dean of ESR and Director of the Entrepreneurial Ministry program, and Jaimie Mudd, ESR graduate and participant in the EM program, share the history and focus of the program.



This certificate is designed for individuals who already hold an MDiv or at least one year of foundational courses toward an MDiv.

There are two ways to earn an Entrepreneurial Mininstry Certificate

1) Audit (no graduate course credit) - Cost: $3,600 flat fee / $1,800 for ESR degree-holding alumni

2) For Credit - Cost: $8,830 flat fee for graduate credit

Required Sequence of Courses:

  • Courage, Commitment, & Cohort: the Spirituality of the Entrepreneur
  • Developing your Ministry Canvas
  • Money Matters in Ministry
  • Firm Foundations: Developing Your Organizational Structure
  • Marketing as Storytelling
  • Engagement with Ministry: Experience, Reflection, and Networking

Students will be required to be on the ESR campus for August and May intensives. The rest of the work will be online in Moodle and Zoom. The first Fall semester includes 2 courses (besides the August intensive), there will be two courses in Spring and one during the last Fall semester. As course work decreases, time devoted to the ministry will increase.

See complete course listings at Student Academic Services web site.

To apply:

Applicants for the certificate must have completed the equivalent of 1 year toward an M.Div.

- ESR alumni/ae and current ESR students should submit two essays, at least 750 words each, to quakerleader@gmail.com. The first should describe their entrepreneurial ministry. This may be a vision for an unestablished ministry or a description of the current state and challenges of a ministry already underway. The second should describe how a commitment to this 18-month cohort experience can be managed alongside one’s other responsibilities. They should also include if they plan to earn the certificate for credit or audit the program.

- Other prospective students who already hold an MDiv or have competed 1 year toward an MDiv should complete the Certificate application at esr.earlham.edu/admissions/applying-to-esr and submit the two essays described above.

Request more information or apply online.