2013 ESR Pastors ConferenceRest Rediscovered

Monday, October 7th

Featuring Fran McKendree and Brenda Jank

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A day of rest, sabbath and meaningful conversation enfolded in song, poetry, and worship ~ a resounding yes! to the God who loves and inspires us.

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8:15:    Registration & check-in
8:30:    Breakfast
9:00:    Welcome & Introductions
9:15:    Gathering & Morning Prayer
9:45:    Rest ReDefined - Fran McKendree
10:30:  Break
10:45:  Invitation to small group conversation
Invitation to quiet time and reflection 
12:15:  Lunch 
1:15:    Rest ReDiscovered - Brenda Jank
2:15:    Invitation to Sabbath: A time for personal reflection and quiet listening
3:45:    Harvesting & Sending

Rest ReDefined with Fran McKendree:

Fran McKendree be guiding the musical aspect of our journey (we'll all be singing!) and leading a contemplative worship experience. The music will consist of chants, hymns and some contemporary pieces. We'll be weaving a poem or two into our time as well.

Fran McKendree bio:

At the age of 15, Fran's parents wisely gave him a guitar for Christmas, sparing them all hours of clarinet lessons. Playing that very guitar and reluctantly singing, he formed a trio, entered a talent contest, won first prize - a slot on a folk music radio show - and was hooked. A few years later, he formed "McKendree Spring." This innovative band went on to record 7 albums and extensively tour the US, Canada and the UK, performing at Carnegie Hall, the Fillmore East, and the first rock concert ever at Radio City Music Hall, eventually earning a spot in an exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In his heart a different path was beckoning him, and he emerged from a period of soul searching to follow this calling, which led him to the Episcopal church. Since 1984, he has been traveling the country doing concerts, mentoring young people, designing and coordinating conferences, as a consultant, worship music leader and keynote speaker. Fran has released ten recordings of his own, and produced numerous other artists at his studio in Hendersonville, NC, where he now lives with his wife, Diana. Fran and colleague Ann Holtz have recently founded "AwakeningSoul," hosting conferences that provide sanctuary, sustenance and inspiration.

Rest ReDiscovered with Brenda Jank:

We know how to run hard. Do we know how to rest well? Rest Rediscovered will reacquaints us with the peace and quiet our souls have tried to live without. Designed by God, there are rhythms of rest that are restorative and life-giving, yet routinely neglected by leaders today. The result? Fleeting joy. Loss of vision. Fractured relationships. Malnourished souls. There’s a better way. It’s biblical, inviting, and revolutionary. Making a commitment to veer off the freeway long enough to explore the road less traveled, a pathway Jesus frequented, repositions us for power, purpose and the presence of God. 

Brenda Jank bio:

Brenda Jank serves at a Christian retreat center in NE Indiana, where she has been launching ministries that introduce people to the rhythm of rest for more than 16 years. As the mother of five, her passion for rest stems from a home-grown need to rediscover abundant life in the chaos of 21st-century living. Roasting mini marshmallows over candles is a favorite family tradition.

For more information on the conference call (800) 432-1377 or email fordma@earlham.edu

Event Date: 10/07/2013 - 8:15am - 4:00pm