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Allen, William. Life of William Allen, with selections from his correspondence. Vol. 1. Philadelphia: H. Longstreth, 1847.

Allen, William. Life of William Allen, with selections from his correspondence. Vol. 2. Philadelphia: H. Longstreth, 1847.

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"Truth Cleared Of Calumnies: Wherein A Book, Entitled A Dialogue Between A Quaker And A Stable Christian, (Printed At Aberdeen, And Upon Good Ground Judged To Be Writ By William Mitchell, A Preacher Near By It, Or At Least That He Had The Chief Hand In It,) Is Examined, And The Disingenuity Of The Author In His Representing The Quakers Is Discovered. Here Is Also Their Case Truly Stated, Cleared, Demonstrated, And The Objections Of Their Opposers Answered, According To Truth, Scripture, And Right Reason."

"William Mitchell Unmasked; Or, The Staggering Instability Of The Pretended Stable Christian Discovered, His Omissions Observed, And Weakness Unveiled, In His Late Faint And Feeble Animadversions, By Way Of Reply To A Book, Entitled, Truth Cleared Of Calumnies: Whereis The Integrity Of The Quakers' Doctrine Is The Second Time Justified, And Cleared From The Reiterate, Clamorous, But Causkless Calumnies Of This Cavilling Catechist."

"A Catechism And Confession Of Faith, Approved Of And Agreed Unto By The General Assembly Of The Patriarchs, Prophets, And Christ Cheif -In And Among Them"

"The Anarchy Of The Ranters, And Other Libertines, The Hierarchy Of The Romanists, And Other Pretended Churches"

"Robert Barclay His Vindication, Wherein The Scruples And Mistakes Some Have Had Touching His Book, Called The Anarchy Of The Ranters, Are Cleared, And The Ground, Upon Which W. R.'S Papers Against It Are Built, Removed; The Substance Of The Papers Being Briefly Answered By Way Of Epistle To Friends, Who Therein Have Or May Be Concerned. Which May Serve, As An Explanatory Postscript To Robert Barclay's Book Of Government.

Barclay, Robert, Keith, George. Truth triumphant through the spiritual warfare, Christian labours, and writings of that able and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Robert Barclay, : to which is prefixed, an account of his life. Vol. 2. From the octavo ed. of 1718, collated with the folio ed. of 1692.. Philadelphia: Benjamin C. Stanton, 1831.

“An Apology For The True Christian Divinity, As The Same Is Held Forth And Preached By The People Called”

Barclay, Robert; Keith, George. Truth triumphant through the spiritual warfare, Christian labours, and writings of that able and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Robert Barclay, : to which is prefixed, an account of his life. Vol. 3. From the octavo ed. of 1718, collated with the folio ed. of 1692.. Philadelphia: Benjamin C. Stanton, 1831.

"A True And Faithful Account Of The Most Material Passages Of A Dispute Betwixt Some Students Of Divinity (So Called) Of The University Of Aberdeen, And The People Called Quakers; Held In Aberdeen In Scotland, In Alexander Harper His Close (Or Yard) Before Some Hundreds Of Witnesses, Upon The 14th Day Of The Second Month Called April, 1675. There Being Opponents-John Lesly, Alexander Shirreff, Paul Gellie, Mast. Of Art. And Defendants Upon The Quakers' Part, Robert Barclay And George Keith. Praeses For Moderating The Meeting Chosen By Them, Andrew Thompson, Advocate: And By The Quakers, Alexander Skein, Sometime A Magistrate Of The City."

"Universal Love Considered, And Established Upon Its Right Foundation, Being A Serious Enquiry How Far Charity May And Ought To Be Extended Towards Persons Of Different Judgments In Matters Of Religion, And Whose Principles Among The Several Sects Of Christians Do Most Naturally Lead To That Due Moderation Required."

"An Epistle Of Love And Friendly Advice, To The Ambassadors Of The Several Princes Of Europe, Met At Nimeguen. To Consult The Peace Of Christendom, So Far As They Are Concerned. Wherein The True Cause Of The Present War Is Discovered, And The Right Remedy And Means For A Firm And Settled Peace Is Proposed."

"Robert Barclay's Apology For The True Christian Divinity Vindicated From John Brown's Examination And Pretended Confutation Thereof, In His Book Called, Quakerism The Path-Way To Paganism; In Which Vindication John Brown's Many Gross Pervertions And Abuses Are Discovered, And His Furious And Violent Railings And Revilings Soberly Rebuked."

"The Possibility And Necessity Of The Inward & Immediate Revelation Of The Spirit Of God, Towards The Foundation And Ground Of True Faith, Proved, In A Letter Writ In Latin To A Person Of Quality In Holland; And Now Also Put Into English: By R. B."

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Besse, Joseph. A collection of the sufferings of the people called Quakers, for the testimony of a good conscience from the time of their being first distinguished by that name in the year 1650 to the time of the act commonly called the Act of toleration granted to Protestant dissenters in the first year of the reign of King William the Third and Queen Mary in the year 1689. Vol. 1. London: L. Hinde, 1753.

Besse, Joseph. A collection of the sufferings of the people called Quakers, for the testimony of a good conscience from the time of their being first distinguished by that name in the year 1650 to the time of the act commonly called the Act of toleration granted to Protestant dissenters in the first year of the reign of King William the Third and Queen Mary in the year 1689. Vol. 2. London: L. Hinde, 1753.

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Bishop, George. A treatise concerning the resurrection : written to friends of truth, and all others who stumble at them, about the body of the Lord Jesus that died at Jerusalem: in answer to a question oft-times put to friends of truth, particularly by the governors of New-England ... Whereunto is added, a short discourse concerning the resurrection of the body, and what is after this life. London: 1662.

Blackborow, Sarah. A visit to the spirit in prison : and an invitation to all people to come to Christ the light of the world, in whom is life, and doth enlighten every one that cometh into the world. And a warning to all people to take heed how they joine any longer with that which turns them from him. London: Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1658.

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Boulbie, Judith. A testimony for truth against all hireling priests and deceivers : with a cry to the inhabitants of this nation to turn to the Lord before His dreadful judgments overtake them : also a testimony against all observers of times and dayes. London: 1665.

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Burnyeat, John; Watson, John; Penn, William. The truth exalted in the writings of that eminent and faithful servant of Christ John Burnyeat : collected into this ensuing volume as a memorial to his faithful labours in and for the truth. London: Printed for Thomas Northcott in George Yard in Lumbard-Street, 1691.

Burrough, Edward. A declaration to all the world of our faith, and what we believe : and this is written that all people upon earth may know by whom, and how we are saved, and hopes for eternal life; & what we believe concerning God, Christ, & the Spirit, and of the things that are eternal, appertaining to all mankind to know & believe. London: Printed for Thomas Simmons .., 1999.

Chalkley, Thomas. A collection of the works of that ancient, faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Thomas Chalkley, who departed this life in the island of Tortola, the fourth day of the ninth month, 1741. To which is prefix'd, a journal of his life, travels, and Christian experiences, written by himself. The 4th ed.... London: Printed and sold by L. Hinde, 1766.

"The Testimony Of The Monthly-Meeting Of Friends In Philadelphia, Concerning Our Ancient, Worthy Friend, Thomas Chalkley, Deceased."

"A Journal Of The Life, Labours, Travels, &C. Of Thomas Chalkley."

"God's Great Love Unto Mankind, Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord."

"Fruits Of Divine Meditation At Sea, In The Year 1699."

"An Exhortation To Youth And Others, To Follow: Being Part Of A Letter From T. Chalkley To A Friend In Dublin."

"A Loving Invitation To Young And Old, In Holland, And Elsewhere, To Seek And Love Almighty God, And To Prepare In Time For Their Eternal Welfare."

"Forcing A Maintenance, Not Warrantable From The Holy Scripture, For A Minister Of The Gospel. Being An Answer To Some False And Erroneous Pages, Writ By Joseph Metcalfe, Tending To Stir Up Persecution."

"Some Observations On Christ's Sermon On The Mount."

"Some Truly Tender Scruples Of Conscience, About That Form Of Prayer, Called The Common Prayer, As Used By The Members Of The Church Of England."

"A Letter To A Friend In Ireland; Containing A Relation Of Some Sorrowful Instances Of The Sad Effects Of Intemperance, As A Warning To Young People."

"A Letter to a Friend."

"A Letter To Aquila Paca, High Sheriff Of Baltimore County, In The Province Of Maryland, And To Other Friends There."

"Christ's Kingdom Exalted. Being A Short Essay, In Order To Promote Truth And Righteousness In The Earth, And To Discourage Unholiness, Ungodliness, And Unbelief."

"Some Considerations On The Call, Work, And Wages, Of The Ministers Of Christ."

"Concerning Personal Election And Reprobation."

"A Letter To Cotton Mather, In New-England."

"Youth Perswaded To Obedience, Gratitude, And Honour, To God, And Their Parents. Also Some Touches Upon The Life Of Man From The Cradle To The Grave."

"Free Thoughts Communicated To Free-Thinkers: In Order To Promote Thinking On The Name And Works Of God. With A Relation Of A Remarkable Providence, Which Fell Out At Port-Royal, In Jamaica, Suitable To The Subject, Written At Sea."

Chandler, Elizabeth Margaret, Lundy, Benjamin. The poetical works of Elizabeth Margaret Chandler: with a memoir of her life and character. . Philadelphia: L. Howell, 1836.


"Poetical Works of Elizabeth Margaret Chandler"

"Essays, Philanthropic and Moral, Principally Relating to the Abolition of Slavery in America"

Child, Lydia Maria Francis. Isaac T. Hopper: a true life. Boston, J.P. Jewett & Company; Cleveland, O., Jewett, Proctor & Worthington;: etc., etc., 1854.

Churchman, John. An account of the gospel labours, and Christian experiences of a faithful minister of Christ, John Churchman, late of Nottingham, in Pennsylvania, deceased. To which is added, A short memorial of the life and death of a fellow labourer in the church, our valuable friend Joseph White, late of Bucks County ... Philadelphia: Printed by J. Crukshank, 1779.

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Clarkson, Thomas. A portraiture of Quakerism. Taken from a view of the education and discipline, social manners, civil and political economy, religious principles and character, of the Society of Friends. Vol. 2. New York; Published by Samuel Stansbury: no. 111, Water-street. Southwick and Hardcastle, printers., 1806.

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Cockburn, James. A review of the general and particular causes which have produced the late disorders and divisions in the Yearly meeting of Friends, held in Philadelphia : with introductory remarks on the state of the primitive churches, their gradual declension, and subsequent advancement in reformation, to the rise of the Society of Friends. Philadelphia: Printed for the author by Philip Price, jr. : sold by J. Townsend, 1829.

Coffin, Levi. Reminiscences of Levi Coffin, the reputed president of the underground railroad ; being a brief history of the labors of a lifetime in behalf of the slave, with the stories of numerous fugitives, who gained their freedom through his instrumentality, and many other incidents. 3rd. Cincinnati: R. Clarke, 1898, (c)1876.

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Docwra, Ann. An apostate- conscience exposed, and the miserable consequences thereof disclosed : for information and caution. London: T. Sowle, 1699.

Docwra, Anne. A looking-glass for the recorder and justices of the peace, and grand juries for the town and county of Cambridge. London: 1682.

Docwra, Anne. An epistle of love and good advice : to my old friends & fellow-sufferers in the late times, the old royalists and their posterity, and to all others that have any sincere desire towards God. London?: 1683.

Dole, Dorcas. A salutation of my endeared love to the faithful in all places, that bear their testimony for the Lord, and keep in the lowliness to truth as it is in Jesus. London: Printed by John Bringhurst, 1685.

Dymond, Jonathan. An enquiry into the accordancy of war with the principles of Christianity, and an examination of the philosophical reasoning by which it is defended ... 3rd. London: Longman, Hurst, 1824.

Edgerton, Walter. A history of the separation in Indiana Yearly meeting of Friends : which took place in the winter of 1842 and 1843, on the anti-slavery question; containing a brief account of the rise, spread, and final adoption by the Society, of its testimony against slavery; together with a record of some of the principal facts and circumstances relating to that separation; embracing the documents issued by both parties relative thereto; and some account of the action of other Yearly meetings of Friends, touching the controversy, especially that of London, etc.. s.l.: ], A. Pugh), 1856.

Edgerton, Walter. Modern Quakerism examined and contrasted with that of the ancient type. Indianapolis: Printing and Pub. House Print., 1876.

Edmundson, William. A journal of the life, travels, sufferings, and labour of love in the work of the ministry, of that worthy elder and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, William Edmundson. 3d. Dublin: Christopher Bentham, 1820.

Ellwood, Mary; Clipsham, Margery. The spirit that works abomination and its abominable work discovered : and a faithful testimony born against it. As a warning to all who profess to walk in the light of the Lord, that they keep close in spirit to the Lord and lissen [sic] not to that adulterated spirit which labours to draw from the way of truth, lest they be destroyed by it. : 1685.

Ellwood, Thomas; Wyeth, Joseph. The history of the life of Thomas Ellwood : or, An account of his birth, education, etc. with divers observations on his life and manners when a youth .... The 2nd. London: Printed and sold by the assigns of J. Sowle, 1714.

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Fell, Margaret. A brief collection of remarkable passages and occurrences relating to the birth, education, life, conversion, travels, services, and deep sufferings of that ancient, eminent, and faithful servant of the Lord, Margaret Fell, but by her second marriage, Margaret Fox. London: Printed and sold by J. Sowle, 1710.

Fell, Margaret. A call unto the seed of Israel : that they may come out of Egypts darkness, and house of bondage, unto the land of rest. Also the righteous law of God justified ... Also twenty five queries to all the worlds priests and people, that say, the light of Christ is natural. London: Printed for Robert Wilson, 1668.

Fell, Margaret. A declaration and information from us the people of God called Quakers, to the present Governors, the King and both Houses of Parliament, and all whom it may concern. London: Printed for Thomas Simmons and Robert Wilson, 1660.

Fell, Margaret. A true testimony from the people of God : (who by the world are called Quakers) of the doctrines of the prophets, Christ, and the apostles.... London: Printed for Robert Wilson, 1660.

Fell, Margaret. The life of Margaret Fox, wife of George Fox ; compiled from her own narrative and other sources ; with a selection from her epistles, etc. Philadelphia: Book Association of Friends, 1885.

Fell, Margaret. The standard of the Lord revealed : by which he hath led and guided and preserved his people since Adam to this day... Given forth at Lancaster Castle. London?: 1667.

Fell, Margaret. Womens speaking justified, proved and allowed of by the scriptures : all such as speak by the spirit and power of the Lord Jesus. And how women were the first that preached the tidings of the resurrection of Jesus .... London: 1666.

Fisher, Samuel. The testimony of truth exalted by the collected labours of .... . London?: 1679.

Front Matter

"The Scorned Quaker's True And Honest Account Both Why And What He Should Have Spoken (As To The Sum And Sustance Thereof) By Commission From God, But That He Had Not Permission From Men, In The Painted Chamber, On The 17th Day Of The 7th -Onth, 1656. Before The Protector And The Parliament, Then & There Met Together, With Many More Of No Mean Account, Who Were Not Of Them, Yet Were Then Crowded In Among Them."

"The Scorned Quaker's Second Account Of His Second Attempt To Give Testimony To The Truth Of Jesus. Wherein Is Shewed, Both Why And What (So Far As The Lord Should Have Assisted) He Should Have Spoken By Commission From God, Had He Had Permission So To Do By Men, To The Parliament, And Ministers, And People Met Together At Margarets In Westminster, On The 24th Day Of The 7th Month, 1656. Being The Day Appointed By Them For Their First Publick Humiliation."

"The Burden Of The Word Of The Lord"

"To The Parliament Of England, And The Several Members Thereof."

"Rusticus Ad Academicos In Exercitationibus Expostulatoriis, Apologeticis Quatuor. The Rustick's Alarm To The Rabbies: Or, The Country Correcting The University And Clergy, And (Not Without Good Cause) Contesting For The Truth, Against The Nursing Mothers And Their Children."

"Christs Light Springing"

"One Antidote More Against That Provoking Sin Of Swearing By Reason Of Which This Land Now Mourneth."

"Supplementum Sublatum. John Tombes His Supplement Or, Second Book About Swearing"

"Velata Quaedam Revelata. Some Certain Hidden Or Vailed Spiritual Verities Revealed, &C. Upon Occasion Of Various Very Prying, And Critical Queries"

"The Bishop Busied Beside The Business. Or That Eminent Overseer, Dr. John Gauden, Bishop Of Exeter, So Eminently Overseen, As To Wound His Own Cause Well-Nigh To Death With His Own Weapon, In His Late So Super-Eminently-Applauded Appearance"

Forster, Mary. A declaration of the bountifull loving-kindness of the Lord : manifested to His hand-maid Mary Harris, who stood idle in the market-place, till the eleventh hour, yet then received her penny ... as also a few words of encouragement from experience, to any who knows the name of the Lord in the least measure, to fear the Lord, and trust in His mercies. London?: 1669.

Forster, Mary. These several papers was sent to the Parliament the twentieth day of the fifth moneth, 1659 : being above seven thousand of the names of the hand-maids and daughters of the Lord, and such as feels the oppression of tithes, in the names of many more of the said handmaids and daughters of the Lord, who witness against the oppression of tithes and other things as followeth. London: Printed for Mary Westwood ..., 1659.

Forster, William; Seebohm, Benjamin. Memoirs of William Forster. Vol. 1. London: A. W. Bennett, 1865.

Forster, William; Seebohm, Benjamin. Memoirs of William Forster. Vol. 2. London: A. W. Bennett, 1865.

Fox, George; Hookes, Ellis. The arraignment of popery : being a short collection, taken out of the chronicles, and other books, of the state of the church in the primitive times... to which is added, The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church. London?: 1669.

Fox, George; Howgill, Francis. The papists strength, principles, and doctrines : (which they are sworn to preach, from the Conncel of Trent, by the popes authority, and after confirmed by the last general assembly at Rouen, 1571...furthermore their principles and doctrines answered and confuted.... London: Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1658.

Fox, George. A declaration from the harmless & innocent people of God, called, Quakers : against all plotters & fighters in the world. For the removing of the ground of jealousie and suspition from both magistrates and people in the kingdoms, concerning wars and fightings ... given unto the king, upon the 21. day of the 11th month, 1660. London: 1660.

Fox, George. A declaration of the ground of error & errors, blasphemy, blasphemers, and blasphemies : and the ground of inchantings and seducing spirits, and the doctrine of devils... how this is all from the spirit of God in the transgression of it.... London: Printed for Giles Calvert..., 1657.

Fox, George. A testimony of the true light of the world : which is given to every man that comes into the world, and of the true measure of the gift of God, given to every one to profit withal.... London: Printed for Giles Calvert, 1657.

Fox, George. A warning to all teachers of children : which are called school-masters and school-mistresses, and to parents, which doth send their chilren to be taught by them .... London: Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1657.

Fox, George. An epistle to be read in all the assemblies of the righteous. London?: 1666.

Fox, George. An instruction to judges & lawyers : that they may act and judge as the judges did of old .... London: Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1658.

Fox, George. Concerning the traditions the Jews taught : which made the word and commandment of God of none effect, and the traditions the apostate Christians teach people to follow, and set up above the scriptures of truth ... : 1688.

Fox, George. Here all may see, that justice and judgement is the rule : and the power of God without respecting mens persons, or observing the worlds complements. And sheweth how the pure religion keeps out from the spots of the world. London: Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1656.

Fox, George. Newes coming up out of the north, sounding towards the south : or, A blast out of the north up into the south, and so to flie abroad into the world and a warning to all England, and nations elsewhere, the terrible day of the Lord is appearing, that all your hearts must be ript up and laid naked and open before the mighty God .... London: Printed for Giles Calvert, 1655.

Fox, George. Some principles of the elect people of God in scorn called Quakers. London?: 1671.

Fox, George. Something in answer to a book called Fiat lux : being a discourse between a papist and a Protestant, &c. who writes at the bottom of the title page, J.V.C. : also something in answer to the papists queries. London: 1667.

Fox, George. That all might see who they were that had a command and did pay tythes, and who they were that had a law to receive them : and also them that witnessed in spirit and life the law fulfilled, the substance and end of the law, and that priesthood that took tythes : and likewise, these are here manifest that do take tythes and have no command from God, but contrary to the law of God. London: Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1657.

Fox, George. The ground of high places, and the end of high places : and a rest for the people of God, above all the high places of the earth. London: Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1657.

Fox, George. The law of God, the rule of law-makers : the ground of all just laws, and the corruption of English laws and lawyers discovered. London: Printed for Giles Calvert, 1658.

Fox, George. The priests and professors catechisme : for them to try their spirits; whether it be after the doctrine of Godliness; or after the traditions of men, which are vainly puft up in their fleshly minds, and that they may see themselves, and all people may see them.... London: Printed for Giles Calvert, 1657.

Fox, George. The priests fruits made manifest, and the fashions of the world, and the lust of ignorance;. London: Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1657.

Fox, George. The works of George Fox. Vols. 1. Philadelphia; New York: Marcus T.C. Gould; Isaac T. Hopper, 1831.

"A Journal Or Historical Account Of The Life, Travels, Sufferings, &C. Of George Fox: in Two Volumes. Vol. I"

Fox, George. The works of George Fox. Vols. 2. Philadelphia; New York: Marcus T.C. Gould; Isaac T. Hopper, 1831.

"A Journal Or Historical Account Of The Life, Travels, Sufferings, &C. Of George Fox: in Two Volumes. Vol. II"

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"The Great Mystery Of The Great Whore Unfolded; And Antichrist's Kingdom Revealed Unto Destruction. In Answer To Many False Doctrines And Principles Which Babylon's Merchants Have Traded With, Being Held Forth By The Professed Ministers, And Teachers, And Professors In England, Ireland, And Scotland, Taken Under Their Own Hands, And From Their Own Mouths, Sent Forth By Them From Time To Time, Against The Despised People Of The Lord, Called Quakers, Who Are Of The Seed Of That Woman Who Hath Been Long Sled Into The Wilderness. Also, An Invasion Upon The Great City Babylon, With The Spoiling Of Her Golden Cup, And Delicate Merchandise, Whereby She Hath Deceived The World And Nations; And Herein Is Declared The Spoiling Of Her Prey, In This Answer To The Multitude Of Doctrines Held Forth By The Many False Sects, Which Have Lost The Key Of Knowledge, And Been On Foot Since The Apostles' Days, Called Anabaptists, Independents, Presbyters, Ranters, And Many Others; Who Out Of Their Own Mouths Have Manifested Themselves Not To Be Of A True Descent From The True Christian Churches: But It Is Discovered That They Have Been All Made Drunk With The Wine Of Fornication Received From The Whore Which Hath Sitten Upon The Beast, After Whom The World Hath Wondered."

"The Doctrines And Principles Of The Priests Of Scotland, Contrary To The Doctrine Of Christ And The Apostles. Here All May See, The Priests Of Scotland, And Their Church, And Their Persecution Against The Saints, And Lambs, Servants, And Children Of God, Whom The Lord Moved To Go Among Them, To Visit The Seed Of God In That Dark Wilderness Country, Who Have Been As Sheep Among Wolves. Also, How Pure Religion Is Turned Upside Down, And Vain Religion Got In Its Place. And The Pure Doctrine Of Christ And The Apostles, Which Saith, 'Entertain Strangers, Love Enemies,' Is Lost Among You: Instead Of Entertaining Strangers, And Loving Enemies, They Imprison And Persecute, And Have Made Their Church Unsavoury. And The Teachers' Fruits Declare Them To Be False, Who Were Wrestlers Against Flesh And Blood, And Strikers At Creatures, Which Christ And The Apostles Did Not."

"Saul's Errand To Damascus, With His Packet Of Letters From The High Priests Against The Disciples Of The Lord. Or, A Faithful Transcript Of A Petition Contrived By Some Persons In Lancashire, Who Call Themselves Ministers Of The Gospel, Breathing Out Threatenings And Slaughter Against A Peaceable And Godly People There, By Them Nick-Named Quakers. Together With The Defence Of The Persons Thereby Traduced, Against The Slanderous And False Suggestions Of That Petition And Other Untruths Charged Upon Them.

Fox, George. The works of George Fox. Vol. 4. Philadelphia; New York: Marcus T.C. Gould; Isaac T. Hopper, 1831.

"To All That Would Know The Way To The Kingdom: Whether They Be In Forms, Without Forms, Or Got Above All Forms. A Direction To Turn Your Mind Within, Where The Voice Of God Is To Be Heard, Whom You Ignorantly Worship As Afar Off; And To Wait Upon Him For The True Wisdom. That You May Know Truth From Error, The Word From The Letter, The Power From The Form, And The True Prophets From The False. Given Forth By One Of Those Whom The World In Scorn Call Quakers."

"The Vials Of The Wrath Of God Poured Forth Upon The Man Of Sin, And Upon All Professors Of The World, Who Deny The Light Of Christ, Which He Hath Enlightened Every One Withal, And Walk Contrary To It; With It They Are Condemned."

"A Word From The Lord, To All The World, And All Professors In The World; Spoken In Parables: Wherein All May Come To Read Themselves Through The Parables, And See Where They Are."

"The Following Paper Was Published 1654, With Several Papers Of Other Friends. To All Who Love The Lord Jesus Christ, Mercy And Peace Be Multiplied Unto You."

"To The High And Lofty Ones."

"A Visitation To The Jews. From Them Whom The Lord Hath Visited From On High, Among Whom He Hath Performed His Promise Made To Abraham, Isaac, And Jacob. The Mighty Day Of The Lord Is Come, And Coming, Who Dwells Not In Temples Made With Hands, Nor Is He Worshipped With Men's Hands, But In The Spirit, From Whom The Scripture Was Given Forth."

"A Visitation To All You That Have Long Had The Scriptures, But Are Found Out Of The Life Of Them That Gave Them Forth, That Are Stumbling About The Words, Fighting And Contending About Them, Imprisoning And Persecuting Them That Witness The Life, That Gave Them Forth."

"A Declaration Of The Difference Of The Ministers Of The Word, From The Ministers Of The World; Who Calls The Writings The Word. The Ministers Of The Word Now Lay In Prisons, For Witnessing Christ The Word, By Them Who Have The Writings, Who Are Filling Up The Measure Of Their Fathers, Who Had The Writings, And Persecuted The Word, And The Ministers Of The Word."

"A Cry For Repentance, Unto The Inhabitants Of London, Chiefly, And Unto All Those Whose Fruits Do Shame Their Profession, That They May Come To Yea And Nay, In All Their Communications, And Dealings, That Their Life May Judge The World; For Who Are Out Of That, Are In The Evil, And Fall Into Condemnation. Given Forth For The Information Of The Simple, That They May Know The Way Of Life, Out Of The Evil Communication Which Corrupts Good Manners."

"The Woman Learning In Silence, Or The Mystery Of The Woman's Subjection To Her Husband. As Also The Daughter Prophesying, Wherein The Lord Hath Fulfilled And Is Fulfilling What He Spake By The Prophet Joel: "I Will Pour Out My Spirit Upon All Flesh," &C."

"A Declaration Concerning Fasting, And The Prayer That God Accepts."

"The Promise Of God Proclaimed: Which Is Christ, The Everlasting Covenant Of God To The Jews, Gentiles, And All People Upon The Earth, Of Which God Spoke By His Prophets, And Was Preached By The Apostles, And By His Servants And Messengers, Sent Forth Since For Barbadoes, New England, Virginia, The East And West Indies, And The South And North Parts Of The World, To Go To Them All."

"An Epistle To All People On The Earth; Shewing The Ignorance Of All The World, Both Professors And Teachers, Of The Birth That Must Be Silent, And Of The Birth That Is To Speak, Which Declares God; And The Difference Betwixt Silence And Speaking, That They May Come To An Understanding Of Themselves, And May Know That Christ Jesus, The Light Of The World, Is Their Teacher, Or Their Condemnation: Also Shewing That It Was The Practice Of Many To Wait In Silence Upon God, To Hear His Word, And Know His Voice."

"To All The Magistrates In London, &C."

"The Second Covenant, Which Doth Manifestly Make Known The End Of The First Covenant And Priest-Hood, Which Could Not Continue By Reason Of Death. Or The New Covenant Of Light, Life, And Peace, Wherein The Lord In Righteousness Establisheth The Hearts Of His People; Where They Are Taught Of The Lord. Also Herein Is Declared The Difference Between Christ's Way, And Judas's Way."

"A Warning To All The Merchants In London, And Such As Buy And Sell. With Advice To Them To Lay Aside Their Superfluity, And With It To Nourish The Poor."

"The Pearl Found In England. This Is For The Poor, Distressed, Scattered Ones In Foreign Nations. From The Royal Seed Of God, And Heirs Of Salvation, Called Quakers, Who Are The Church Of The Living God, Built Up Together Of Living Stones In England: A Visitation And Uniting To The Pearl Of God, Which Is Hid In All The World, That Every One May Turn Into Himself, And There Feel It, And Find It."

"The Wrath Of The Lamb."

"The Lamb's Officer Is Gone Forth With The Lamb's Message: Which Is The Witness Of God In All Consciences, To Call Them Up To The Bar, The Judgment Of The Lamb, In This His Day Which Is Come. To All The Parish Clerks, Vicars, Curates, And Professors In England, Ireland, And Scotland, And Elsewhere In The Whole Christendom; For You All To Come Up To The Lamb's Bar, In This His Day, To See If They Can Stand Before The Lamb To Plead Their Cause, Guilty, Or Not Guilty, In This His Day, Who Have Had The Scriptures, But Out Of The Life, Which They Were In That Gave Them Forth."

"The Serious People's Reasoning And Speech, With The World's Teachers And Professors."

"The Difference Between The World's Relation, Which Stands In Strife, Malice, And Wickedness, And The Saints' Relation, Which Stands In Love, Life, Peace And Joy In The Holy Ghost."

"To The People Of Uxbridge."

"A Word In The Behalf Of The King, That He May See Who They Are That Honour All Men, And Love The Brotherhood, That Fear God, And Honour The King; According As It Is Written In The Scriptures Of Truth. 1 Pet. 2. 17."

"To The Turk, And All That Are Under His Authority, To Read This Over, Which Concerns Their Salvation."

"Some Papers Given Forth To The Magistrates Of The Isle Of Milita, And To The Emperor Of The House Of Austria, And To All The Princes Under Him. To The King Of France, And To All The Powers That Be Under Him; And To The King Of Spain, And Lastly, To The Pope."

"For The Emperor Of China, And His Subordinate Kings And Princes. From The People Of God In England, In English Called Quakers."

"To All The Nations Under The Whole Heavens, And To All Those Who Have Ministered The Letter, And Yet Are Ignorant, And Have Kept Others In Ignorance Both Of The Letter And Spirit Also. From Those People Who Are Despitefully Called Quakers, Who Tremble At The Word Of God In Their Hearts: To Which Word All The Holy Men Of God Have Brought Forth Their Testimony After The Same Manner, (And Who Have Appeared In That Which Cannot Be Shaken,) As The Scriptures Of The Old And New Testament Do Eminently Declare And Set Forth."

"A Few Plain Words By Way Of Query And Information; To The Teachers And People Of The Nation."

"To Both Houses Of Parliament. Friends, Here Is A Few Things For You To Take Into Consideration."

"Concerning Christ Jesus The Covenant Of God."

"Truth's Triumph In The Eternal Power, Over The Dark Inventions Of Fallen Man. The Quaker's Just Allegiance Is To Hurt None Of God's Creatures Upon The Earth, And Their Supremacy Is The Power Of God. Also Some Particulars Of What They Own, And What They Deny."

"A Declaration To The Jews, For Them To Read Over: In Which They May See That The Messiah Is Come, According To Their Own Prophets, And Gabriel The Angel, And According To Their Own Number Of Time And Years, Out Of Daniel 9."

"To All That Profess Christianity, Are These Following Particulars. Concerning Their Name Of Christians, Loving Enemies, The Worship In Spirit, Gospel Fellowship, Their Many Heads And Baptisms, Their Many Churches, Their Disagreeing About Scripture Interpretation."

"Christ's Light The Only Antidote To Overcome And Expel The Poison Of Satan's Greatest Temptations."

"A Measuring Rule Concerning Liberty And Persecution. And Who Have Been The Persecutors, And Who Have Been The Sufferers From The Beginning."

"To All Rulers Of Families, Of What Sort Soever, Herein Concerned."

"Some Queries To All The Teachers And Professors Of Christianity To Answer."

"To All Sorts Of People In Christendom."

"Gospel Liberty, And The Royal Law Of Love. From Christ Jesus, Who Hath All Power In Heaven And Earth Given Unto Him; Set Above Artaxerxes, And Nebuchadnezzar's Law And Commands; And Above The Medes And Persians, And Darius's Decrees; Being A Plain And Full Testimony Against Persecutions For Tender Consciences Sake."

"Concerning The Act That Prohibits, That Not Above Four Or Five May Meet."

"A Hammer To Break Down All Invented Images, Image-Makers, And Image-Worshippers. Showing How Contrary They Are Both To The Law And Gospel."

"The Heathen's Divinity, Set Upon The Heads Of All Called Christians, That Say They Had Not Known That There Had Been A God, Or A Christ, Unless The Scripture Had Declared It To Them."

"To All Professors In The Christian World: Also To The Jews And Turks Throughout The Whole World; That They May See Who Are The True Worshippers Of God, That He Seeks, And In What He Is Worshipped. An Exhortation To Them To Read It Over, That They May See What They Have All Grieved, Vexed, And Quenched, And What They Have Walked Despitefully, And Rebelled, And Kicked Against, And Stopped Their Ears, And Closed Their Eyes To; So That They May All Return Again, And Turn Within, And See What They Have Professed And Not Possessed; So That They May Come To Be The True Possessors Of The Truth, And True Worshippers In The Spirit Of The True And Living God, Who Is A Spirit, Which Is The Perfect Worship, Which Christ The Truth And Perfect One Set Up, Above 1600 Years Since."

Fox, George. The works of George Fox. Vol. 5. Philadelphia; New York: Marcus T.C. Gould; Isaac T. Hopper, 1831.

"A Warning To England, And All That Profess Themselves Christians; Who Have The Form, But Deny The Power Of Godliness, That They Sin No More, Lest A Worse Thing Come To Them."

"For All The Bishops And Priests In Christendom, To Measure Themselves By The Scriptures Of Truth, And See If They Be Not Reproved By Them, And The Spirit From Whence They Came. And To All That Call Themselves Papists, Bishops, Ministers And Teachers Of The Gospel; And Professors In Chzristendom (So Called,) That Say They Have Not The Same Power And Spirit The Apostles Had."

"A Looking Glass For The Jews: Wherein They May Clearly See That The Messiah Is Come, By The Prophets In The Old Testament, (Above Sixteen Hundred Years Since,) And The Manifest Testimonies Since. And Also, They May See Their Own Blindness And Ignorance Of Their Own Prophets, And Of The Messiah Unto This Day. By Which My Desire Is, They May Turn To Him, That Their Eyes May Be Opened, That They May See Him Whom They Have Pierced."

"A Testimony Of What We Believe Of Christ, Before He Was Manifest In The Flesh; And Of His Birth And Preaching, And What He Saith He Is Himself: As Also Of His Sufferings, Death, Resurrection, And Ascension; Both As He Was God, And As He Was Man. And Also, The Testimony Of The Apostles Concerning Him; With Those Names Which God, The Angels, And Holy Ghost Has Given Unto Him, And The Holy Men As They Were Moved By The Holy Ghost; Which We Faithfully Own And Believe. But All Such By-Names, Which Are Not Found In The Scriptures We Testify Against, Though Contended For By Such, As They Say They Have Not The Same Holy Ghost, That Gave Forth The Scriptures: And It Is The Same Spirit That Gives Christ Those By-Names, That In Scorn Calls Us Quakers. Also, How The Believers In The Primitive Times, And Now, Did And Do Possess, And Enjoy Christ Jesus: And What Is The Saints' Food, And How They Are To Walk. And Wherein They May See What A True Christian's Duty Is."

"A Small Treatise Concerning Swearing In The Old Time Of The Law, With Its Use: And An End Put To It In The Gospel By Jesus Christ: Who Forbiddeth All Swearing, And Sets Up Yea And Nay Instead Thereof."

"Primitive Ordination And Succession Of Bishops, Deacons, Pastors And Teachers In The Church Of Christ. How Christ Ordained His Twelve Apostles, And Seventy Disciples. How He Would Be With Them To The End Of The World, And In Them. What Was The Maintenance He Ordained For Them. How Christ Chose And Ordained Pastors, Teachers, Prophets And Evangelists In The Church. And The Primitive Ordination Of Bishops, And Deacons, And Elders In The Church. Also, Who They Are That Do Succeed Them In Their Ordination, Succession, Possession, Doctrine And Practice; In Their Preaching, Praying, Singing And Maintenance, And Who Not."

"Possession Above Profession; Being A Discourse, In Which It May Be Clearly Seen That Many That Make A Profession Of Christ In The Flesh, And Deny Him In His Light, Which He Enlighteneth Every Man That Cometh Into The World Withal, (Which Light Is The Life In The Word,) And Speak Evil Against It, Are Such As Possess Him Not, But Persecute His Light And Life As The Jews, That Persecuted Him In The Days Of His Flesh. And How That Many Turks And Heathens Will Own His Divine Light More Than Many Of Them That Make A Profession Of Christ In The Flesh. And Likewise, How That All Such As Profess Christ Jesus Has Bought Them, Are To Be Governed And Ordered By Him, Their Owner; For The Worldling's Reason Will Say, 'That Which He Hath Bought And Paid For, Is His Own To Order And Govern,' &C."

"To All Magistrates And People In Christendom, And Elsewhere To Turn From The Persecuting Mind, That Destroys People's Bodies And Estates For Not Conforming To Your Religion And Worship. And That You May Receive The Mind Of Christ, As The Apostles Did, Who Came To Save Men's Lives, And Not To Destroy Them; And To Rebuke Them That Would Destroy Men's Lives And Estates."

"The People Of God, In Scorn Called Quakers, Their Love To All Mankind Asserted. For As God's Love Through Christ Hath Been Shed Abroad In Our Hearts, We Cannot But In The Same Love Desire The Eternal Good, And The Salvation Of All Mankind, And Would Have Them Repent, And Turn To Jesus Christ, Whom God Hath Given In His Love To Be Their Way, Leader And Captain Of Their Salvation, And Hath Tasted Death For Every Man, And Hath Bought Them With A Price, Therefore, That They All Might Serve And Live To Him, And Glorify God With Their Bodies, Souls And Spirits, Which Are The Lord's That He Hath Made, And Christ's, Who Hath Redeemed And Bought Them."

"Concerning Revelation, Prophecy, Measure, And Rule; And The Inspiration And Sufficiency Of The Spirit. So The Letter-Professing And Learned Christians And Jews Must Do God's Will, If They Will Know Christ's Doctrine; And That Must Be Done By The Same Spirit As The Apostles Were In, That Through It They May Mortify The Deeds Of The Flesh, And Take Up The Cross Daily, And Follow Christ (And Deny Themselves,) Who Reveals The Father To Them, If They Will Know Him Or His Doctrine, That Did The Will Of God."

"The Beginning Of Tythes In The Law, And Ending Of Tythes In The Gospel. The Law And The Commandment Of The Lord Concerning Payment Of Tythes, To Whom, And How They Were To Be Disposed, Viz. To The Levitical Priesthood In The Old Testament, And How Christ Is Come To End That Priesthood, Law, And Commandment, By Which He Took The Tythes And Offerings."

"The Spiritual Man Christ Jesus, The Blessed Seed, Light Of Life, Purger Of Conscience, Healer Of Nations, And Restorer Of Mankind. How All Nations Are Blessed In The Seed Christ Jesus, That Bruiseth The Head Of The Serpent And His Seed That Brought The Curse; And Something Further, How All Men And Women In Adam, In The Transgression, Their Spirits Are Dark, And How Christ The Spiritual Man Enlightens Their Spirits (Their Candles,) And How That No Meat That Goes Into The Belly Defiles The Man; And How Christ Is The Purger Of The Soul, Conscience, And Heart, And Mind, Of All Those Evil Things That Have Gotten Into Man And Woman By Transgression, Who Bruises The Head Of The Serpent, And Makes All Things Clean To Man, And Brings Him To The Blessed State As He Was In At The Beginning."

"Christ's Parable Of Dives And Lazarus, For All Called Christians, And Others, To Consider."

"A Testimony For All Masters Of Ships, And Seamen To Read Over; And To See Whether You Be In The True Faith That The True Christians And Holy Men Of God Were In, And If You Be Not, Then Turn To The Lord Jesus Christ, Who Is The Author And Finisher Of The Holy, Divine, And Precious Faith; And Then By This Faith Your Hearts May Be Purified, And With Your Hearts You May Believe, And With Your Mouths Ye May Make Confession Unto Salvation. Rom. X. And Christ Saith, 'Every One That Is Of The Truth, Heareth His Voice,' John Xviii. 37. And Now Every One That Is Not Of The Truth Heareth Not His Voice, And Say, There Is No Hearing Of It Nowadays. And Here You May See How Christ Called Fishermen And Seamen To Be His Disciples, As Followeth; And How Christ Commanded The Winds, And They Obeyed Him; And How That The Lord God Holds The Winds In His Fist, And Raises A Storm, And Makes A Calm, So That All Are To Serve And Fear Him. 'Quench Not The Spirit, Despise Not Prophesying; Prove All Things, Hold Fast That Which Is Good.' 1 Thes. Xix. 20, 21. Those Who Quench The Spirit, And Despise Prophesying Are Not Like To Prove All Things, Nor Hold Fast That Which Is Good."

"Concerning Christ The Spiritual And Holy Head Over His Holy Church, And His Church's Steadfastness, And Confidence, And Unity And Oneness In Him."

"To All The Kings, Princes, And Governors In The Whole World: And All That Profess Themselves Christians, And Others, To Read And Consider. This Was Upon Me From The Lord To Write Unto You."

"The Spirit Of Man The Candle Of The Lord: The Candle Of The Wicked Often Put Out. How The Lord Enlightens The Spirit Of Man, Which Is The Candle Of The Lord; And Who Are The Candlesticks, And How Christ Walks In The Midst Of His Candlesticks; And How The Candle Of The Wicked Is Often Put Out."

"A Testimony Concerning The Blood Of The Old Covenant, And The Blood Of The New Covenant, &C."

"A Demonstration To The Christians In Name, Without The Nature Of It. How They Hinder The Conversion Of The Jews. With An Exhortation To Them To Come Into The True Nature And Life Of Christianity, Which The Apostles And Primitive Christians Were In, Who Converted Many Of The Jews. Which Nature And Life Of Christianity Is Herein Declared Of According To The Scriptures, And By Which Alone The Jews May Now Be Convinced And Converted Also."

"Election And Reprobation Clearly Discovered, And The Ignorance Of Many Concerning Election And Reprobation Of Persons, Manifested. Something For The Information Of All Concerning Election And Reprobation; And Unto Such As Hold Opinions And Teach, That God Hath Ordained A Great Part Of Men And Women To Reprobation, Condemnation, And Hell, Without Any Cause Or Fault At All In The Creature Less Or More; For God Hath Ordained Some To A Reprobation And Condemnation From The Foundation Of The World, Say They: And So Hold A Reprobation Of Some Persons To All Eternity; And For It, Bring Jude Iv. Who Speaks Of Such As Were Ordained Of Old To Condemnation, And Saith, 'There Were Certain Men Crept In Unawares, Which Were Of Old Ordained To This Condemnation,' Ungodly Men, Turning The Grace Of Our God Into Lasciviousness, And Denying The Lord God, And Our Lord Jesus Christ.'"

"A Distinction Between The New Covenant And The Old; And How That In The Old Covenant, The Jews' Priests' Lips Were To Preserve The Jews' People's Knowledge: But In The New And Everlasting Covenant, Christ The High Priest, Is The Treasure Of Wisdom And Knowledge, And He Filleth The Earth With The Knowledge Of The Lord God; And The Earth Being Full Of The Knowledge Of The Lord God, Then There Is No Want Of It In The Earth. And Christ The High Priest, He Doth Not Only Fill The Earth With The Knowledge Of The Lord God, But Covereth The Earth With The Knowledge Of The Lord, As The Waters Do The Sea; So The Earth Shall Not Be Seen. So Then It May Be Seen That The Substance In The New Covenant, Is Far Beyond The Figure In The Old Covenant. Read, Hear, Perceive, And Understand, Receive And Possess."

"A Warning To All That Profess Christianity, And Others, To Beware Of Covetousness, Which Is Idolatry."

"The Man Christ Jesus The Head Of The Church, And True Mediator, In Opposition To The Papist Head, Their Pope: Prayers To, And For The Dead, Their Shaved Crowns, And Saints' Relics, And Purgatory, Disproved To Be Christian Or Judaic, Consequently Heathenish Or Pagan, By Scripture Testimony."

Fox, George. The works of George Fox. Vol. 6. Philadelphia; New York: Marcus T.C. Gould; Isaac T. Hopper, 1831.

"Concerning The Living God Of Truth; And The World's God, In Whom There Is No Truth. And Also, How Man And Woman Fell From The Living God; And How The Serpent Became The God Of The World. And How God Was The Teacher Of Man And Woman, Who Made Man And Woman Perfect: And When They Forsook God's Teaching, And Followed The Serpent's Teaching, They Became Unperfect. And How Christ Cometh To Destroy The Devil, And Bring Man And Woman Under God's Teaching Again, Who Taught Them In The Beginning. And How The Son Of Perdition Did Appear. And What The Glory Of The World Is, That The Devil Would Have Given To Christ, If He Would Have Worshipped Him. And How The World's God Came To Have A Kingdom, And What It Standeth In, And Must Have An End: And What Christ's Kingdom Stands In, Which Hath No End. And How The Gospel Is Bad News To The World's God; But Good News To Them That Believe. And How The Old Testament Was Read Among The Jews In Their Mother-Tongue; And So Ought All The Christians To Read The New Testament Among The Christians In Their Mother-Tongue. With Some Queries For All To Consider Of, In The Latter End Of This Book; And Other Remarkable Things."

"A Clear Distinction Between The Old Covenant, Or Old Testament, And The New Covenant, Or New Testament; And How That Christ Hath Abolished And Taken Away The First Covenant And Testament, And Established The Second."

"Concerning The Passover In The Old Covenant; And The Jews In The Spirit, The True Christians In The New Covenant."

"To The Great Turk And King At Algiers: Together With A Postscript Of George Pattison's Taking The Turks, And Setting Them On Their Own Shore."

"The Protestant Christian Quaker, A Sufferer By Relics Of Popery, Under All Powers, For Thirty Years Last Past, Who Have Persecuted For Religion, Yet Call The Holy Scriptures Their Rule, That Justifieth No Such Practice."

"Concerning The Upright And Good Conversation Of The Saints In Christ, And In Heaven."

"An Encouragement For All To Trust In The Lord; Who Hath The Breath Of All Mankind, And Their Souls In His Hand. And How That Not A Sparrow Shall Fall To The Ground Without The Will Of The Father."

"An Epistle To All Christians, Jews, And Gentiles, Showing How That God Dwells Not In Temples Made With Hands."

"Concerning Persecution In All Ages To This Day. How He That Was Born After The Flesh, Persecuted Him That Was Born Of The Spirit; And Even So It Is Now: Yea, And All That Will Live Godly In Christ Jesus, Shall Suffer Persecution. Mark, All Them That Will Live Godly; Not Them That Will Live Ungodly, Out Of Christ Jesus"

"How The Devil Was, And Is The Old Informer Against The Righteous."

"A Paper To Friends, And Others, Against The Pomps Of The World, Followed And Used By Many Tradesmen, In Their Vocations, Contrary Unto Many Of Their Sureties, Promises, And Vows."

"A Way To Prevent The Indignation And Judgments Of God From Coming On A Kingdom, Nation, Or Family. Commended To The Consciences Of All Concerned."

"To All Rulers And Magistrates, To Be Tender, And Take Heed Of Persecuting, And Imprisoning, And Spoiling The Goods Of God's People, For Obeying, Serving, And Worshipping The Lord God That Made Them, And The Heavens, And The Earth, And All Things Therein."

"The Cause Why Adam And Eve Were Driven Out Of Paradise, And The Jews Out Of Their Own Land Of Canaan."

"Several Plain Truths Manifested And Declared From The Spirit Of God, And Borne Testimony To By Christ, The Apostles, And Scriptures Of Truth."

"A Distinction Between The Wars And The Weapons, And The Arms And The Armour In The Old Testament And The New; For In The Old Testament They Were Carnal, And In The New Testament Spiritual."

"Concerning Cain."

"Uniformity And Conformity Proclaimed To The Whole World, In The Name Of The Eternal God, And His Son Christ Jesus."

"The Authority Of The Church Of Christ."

"Concerning Exhortation And Admonition."

"Concerning Such As Cry Against Orders."

"Concerning Meeting In Houses, Ships, Streets, Mountains, And High-Ways. And In What Places The Prophet Jeremiah, Christ, And The Apostles Taught Or Preached In, May Be Seen In This Book. And How Christ And The Apostles Were Haled Out Of Their Meetings, When, Or While They Were Speaking."

"The State Of The Birth Temporal And Spiritual, And The Duty And State Of A Child, Youth, Young Men, Aged Men, And Fathers In The Truth. Also, Showing That Children Are The Heritage Of The Lord, And That He Hath A Glory In Them."

"Trying Of Spirits In Our Age Now, As In The Apostles' Days, By The Spirit Of Christ The Anointing Within. Showing Also, That The Church Of Christ Hath Authority And Power From Christ, Their Head, To Admonish, Judge, Reprove, And Rebuke, Such As Make A Profession Of The Truth, But Do Not Walk And Live In The Truth."

"The Saints, (Or They That Are Born Of The Spirit,) Their Heavenly And Spiritual Worship, Unity, And Communion; And The Ministers Of The Spirit In The New Testament, Preached The Word Of Life, Which Was In The Beginning, Which They Had Heard, Seen, And Handled, And Brought The Church Of Christ To The Same Word: And They Brought The Church Of Christ To Have Fellowship With The Father And His Son. And Concerning The Supper, That Christ Calls His Brethren Unto, After That He Was Arisen, And Ascended At The Right Hand Of God."

"A Word Of Admonition To Such As Wander From The Anointing And Teaching Within, And From The Father And The Son. As Also Concerning The Supper Of The Lord, Before He Was Crucified; And His Marriage Supper After He Was Risen And Ascended. And Who Are They That Declare The Generation Of Christ, Distinct From The Generation Of Natural Adam; And The Reason Why All Become Not The Sons And Daughters Of God That Are Called Christians; With Many Other Precious Instructions. Showing Also How The Jews And Christians Wander From The Commands Of God, And Communion With Him. Likewise God's Promise To Cain, If He Did Well, He Should Be Accepted. Lastly, The True Christian's Righteousness, Which Must Exceed The Righteousness Of The Scribes And Pharisees."

"Concerning Such As Shall Enter Into The Kingdom Of God, And New And Heavenly Jerusalem, And Such As Shall Not."

"Concerning Condemnation."

"Concerning Such As Have Forbidden Preaching, Or Teaching In The Name Of Jesus, And Such As Are Ashamed To Confess Him Before Men, And Call Not On The Name Of The Lord, &C."

"To The Chief Magistrates, Rulers, Ministers, Justices Of The Peace, And Other Officers; Who Profess Christ And Christianity, And Are Called By That Worthy Name, And Great Title Of Christians; Which Is From The King Of Kings, And Lord Of Lords, Christ Jesus."

"An Exhortation To All People, To Pureness, Cleanness, And Holiness, And Faithfulness To The Lord. Here You May See Who They Are That Dwell With Everlasting Burnings, And In God's Tabernacle And Holy Mountain, And Who Not."

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"An Examination Of The Grounds Or Causes Which Are Said To Induce The Court Of Boston, In New-England, To Make That Order Or Law Of Banishment, Upon Pain Of Death, Against The Quakers. As Also Of The Grounds And Considerations By Them Produced, To Manifest The Warrantableness And Justness Both Of Their Making And Executing The Same; Which They Now Stand Deeply Engaged To Defend, Having Already Thereupon Put Two Of Them To Death. As Also Of Some Further Grounds For Justifying Of The Same, In An Appendix To John Norton's Book (Which Was Printed After The Book Itself, Yet As Part Thereof); Whereto He Is Said To Be Appointed By The General Court. And Likewise Of The Arguments Briefly Hinted, In That Which Is Called, A True Relation Of The Proceedings Against The Quakers, &C. Whereunto Somewhat Is Added About The Authority And Government Christ Excluded Out Of His Church; Which Occasioneth Somewhat Concerning The True Church Government."

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"A Warning Of Love, From The Bowels Of Life, To The Several Generations Of Professors Of This Age; That They May Awaken And Turn Towards The Life, To Be Truly Cleansed And Saved By Its Powerful Living Virtue, Before The Storm Of Wrath Break Forth, And The Overflowing Scourge Overtake Them, Which Will Sweep Away The Strongest And Most Well-Built Refuge Of Lies; And Sink Those Souls Even Into The Pit Of Misery, Which Are There Found When The Storm Comes. Held Forth In Four Propositions, Assertions, Or Considerations, Concerning Man In His Lost State, And His Recovery Out Of It."

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"The Root Of Popery Struck At, And The True Ancient Apostolick Foundation Discovered; In Some Propositions To The Papists, Concerning Fallibility And Infallibility, Which Cut Down The Uncertain, And Manifest The Certain Way Of Receiving And Growing Up Into The Truth. Also. Some Considerations Concerning The True And False Church And Ministry, With The State Of Each Since The Days Of The Apostles, Held Forth In True Love And Pity To The Souls Of The Papists, That They May Hear And Consider, And Not Mistake And Stumble At The Rock Of Ages, Whereupon The Prophets, Apostles, And Whole Flock Of God Throughout All Generations, Have Been Built. There Is Likewise Somewhat Added Concerning The Ground Of Error, And The Way To Truth And Unity, For The Sake Of Such As Are More Spiritual, And Have Been More Inwardly Exercised In Searching After Truth."

"The New Covenant Of The Gospel Distinguished From The Old Covenant Of The Law, And The Rest Or Sabbath Of Believers, From The Rest Or Sabbath Of The Jews; Which Differ As Much From Each Other, As The Sign And Shadow Doth From The Thing Signified And Shadowed Out. In Answer To Some Queries Of W. Salter's, Tending To Enforce Upon Christians The Observation Of The Jewish Sabbath, Which Was Given Under The Law Of The Jews For A Sign. As Also To Some Other Queries Sent In Writing, Upon Occasion Of An Epistle Directed To All Such As Observe The Seventh Day Of The Week For A Sabbath, Now Under The Gospel. As Likewise Some Letters To The Same Purpose. With A Brief Explication Of The Mystery Of The Six Days Labour, And Seventh Day's Sabbath. Whereto Are Added Some Considerations Propounded To The Jews, Tending Towards Their Conversion To That Which Is The Life And Spirit Of The Law."

"Some Queries Concerning The Work Of God In The World, Which Is To Be Expected In The Latter Ages Thereof; With A Few Plain Words To The Nation Of England, Tending Towards Stopping The Future Breakings-Forth Of God's Wrath, Both Upon The People And Powers Thereof; With An Advertisement Relating To The Present State Of Things."

"The Consideration Of A Position Concerning The Book Of Common-Prayer. As Also Of Some Particulars Held Forth For Truths, By One Edmund Ellis, Stiled A Minister Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. With A Warning Of Tender Bowels To The Rulers, Teachers, And People Of This Nation, Concerning Their Church And Ministry. Likewise A Few Words Concerning The Kingdom, Laws, And Government Of Christ In The Heart And Conscience; Its Inoffensiveness To All Just Laws And Governments Of The Kingdoms Of Men."

"An Answer To That Common Objection Against The Quakers, That They Condemn All But Themselves. With A Loving And Faithful Advertisement To The Nation, And Powers Thereof."

"The Great Question Concerning The Lawfulness Or Unlawfulness Of Swearing Under The Gospel, Stated And Considered Of; For The Satisfaction Of Such As Desire To Scan The Thing In The Weight Of God's Spirit; And To See The True And Clear Determination Of It In His Unerring Light."

"Somewhat Spoken To A Weighty Question, Concerning The Magistrate's Protection Of The Innocent. Wherein Is Held Forth The Blessing And Peace Which Nations Ought To Wait For And Embrace In The Latter Days. With Some Considerations For The Serious And Wife In Heart Throughout This Nation To Ponder, For Diverting God's Wrath (If Possible) From Breaking Forth Upon It. Also A Brief Account Of What The People Called Quakers Desire, In Reference To The Civil Government. With A Few Words To Such As By The Everlasting Arm Of God's Power Have Been Drawn And Gathered Out Of The Apostasy, Into The Living Truth And Worship."

"Concerning Persecution: Which Is, The Afflicting Or Punishing That Which Is Good, Under The Pretence Of Its Being Evil. Which Practice Is Contrary To The Very Nature Of Mankind, (So Far As It Is Drawn Out Of The Corruption And Depravation) Which Would Be Good, And Do Good, And Have Good Cherished, And Evil Suppressed, Both In Itself And Others. It Is Contrary Also To All Equal And Righteous Government, Which Is For The Suppressing Of Evil, And Cherishing Of Good; And Not For The Afflicting And Crushing Of That Which Is Good, Upon Pretence Of Its Being Evil. Yet This Unhappy Error Will Always Be Committed In Nations And Governments, Until The Proper Right And Just Liberty Of Mens Consciences Be Discerned, Acknowledged, And Allowed. Likewise There Are Some Answers Given To That Common Objection, Against Affording Conscience Its Due Liberty; Because Evil Persons May Pretend Conscience To Escape The Just Punishment Of Their Evil Deeds. With A Brief Account Of That Supposed Stubbornness, Which By Many Is Objected Against The People Called Quakers. Given Forth In Love To This Nation, That At Length The True Bottom And Foundation Of A Lasting Peace And Settlement May Be Espied; The Spirits Of The Governors And People Fixed Thereon; And That Dangerous Rock Of Persecution (Whereon Both The Powers And People Of This Nation Have So Often Split) Carefully Avoided By All."

"Some Directions To The Panting Soul, Which Hath Been Long Travelling In The Letter, But Hath Not Yet Been Acquainted With The Power, Nor Hardly So Much As Entered Into The Ministration Of The Endless Life (Which Is The Ministration Of The Gospel) That It May Feel The Spring, And Come To Drink There Of The Living Waters."

"Concerning The Worship Of The Living God, Which He Teacheth Israel, His People, Who Know Him To Be The Only True God, And The Worship Which He Teacheth Them, To Be The Only True Spiritual Worship. With Some Questions And Answers Relating To Conversion, And To Tenderness Of Conscience."

"Some Questions And Answers For The Opening Of The Eyes Of The Jews Natural. That They May See The Hope Of Israel- Which Hath So Long Been Hid From Them. With Some Questions And Answers, For The Direction, Comfort, Help, And Furtherance Of God's Spiritual Israel, In Their Travels In Spirit From Spiritual Egypt Through The Spiritual Wilderness, To Spiritual Canaan; Which Is The Land Where The Redeemed Soul Flourisheth In The Life, Walking With God, And Worshipping Him In Spirit And Truth."

"Some Questions And Answers, Shewing Man His Duty, And Pointing Him To The Principle Of God In His Heart; Which Is The Root Of Life In All Its Dispensations, And Which, Being Kept To, Is Able To Bear The Fruit Of Life In Every Dispensation. As Also Some Questions And Answers, Concerning The Seed Of Jacob And The True Church."

"Some Observations Upon That Portion Of Scripture, Romans xiv. 20. For The Service Of Such In This Present Age, Whose Eyes And Hearts The Lord Shall Please To Open, To See And Consider The Weight Of The Truth Thereof. With Some Few Weighty Words Of Advice To Several Sorts Of People, According To Their Different States."

"Three Queries Propounded To The King, And Parliament, In The Fear Of The Most High, And In The Tender Love Of My Soul To Them."

"A Salutation Of Love And Tender Good-Will To The Commissioners Of The Peace For The County Of Bucks, And Such Others In That County, And Also Throughout The Nation, As Are Concerned In The Contents Hereof."

"A Weighty Question Propounded To The King, And Both Houses Of Parliament. Together With Some Queries About Religion, For The Good Of Men's Souls, That They May Seek After, And Be Established In, That Which Gives Life."

"Some Of The Mysteries Of God's Kingdom Glanced At. For The Service Of The Upright-Hearted Among Several Sorts Of Professors, Who Have Formerly Had A Feeling Of Most Of These Things In Measure: To Which Feeling, And That Which Gave It Them, They Are Hereby Allured And Invited To Return; That The Many Names And Various Ways May Perish And Vanish; And The One Spirit, One Life, One New Living Name And Way May Be Waited For And Pursued After: That So All The Tribes And Families, And Several Divisions Of Israel, May Know One Another, And Heartily Unite In One Nature And Inward Power Of Life, Which Doth Good To All, And Harm To None, Neither Inwardly Nor Outwardly."

"Some Questions And Answers, Of Deep Concernment To The Jews, From One Who Hath Been A Wrestler And Traveller With The Lord Of Life, For The Day Of Their Mercy And Redemption."

"Some Queries Concerning The Order And Government Of The Church Of Christ."

"Some Deep Considerations. Many Deep Considerations Have Been Upon My Heart Concerning The State Of Israel, Both Past, Present, And To Come; Some Of Which I Find Drawings To Communicate; Together With Some Questions And Answers Concerning Unity."

"Concerning God's Seeking Out His Israel: Likewise Concerning The Principle Of Life, Whereby He Seeketh Them; And The Way Of Their Closing With His Spirit Therein. As Also Concerning The Two Covenants; Under One Whereof He Pleaseth To Exercise And Prepare Them For The Life And Inheritance, Which He Hath Treasured Up For Them In The Other. With A Postscript, Relating Some Things Necessary For Lost Man To Be Acquainted With, In His Travels From His Lost Estate."

"To Friends In England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, New-England, Barbadoes, Or Any Where Else, Where The Lord God Shall Order This To Come, In The Tender Spirit Of Life And Love, Greeting."

"One More Tender Visitation To The Men Of This Generation, Sent To Them In Bowels Of Love And Tender Compassion, Before Their Day Be Over."

"Concerning The Church: Or, Of The Church State Under The Gospel. Whereby It May Appear What A Miserable Apostasy From The Truth Hath Overspread And Covered The Earth For Many Ages And Generations, And How Gross And Thick The Darkness Yet Lies Upon It; Though The Light Of God, In His Tender Mercy, Hath Broke Forth And Shined Upon The People Of His Gathering, And Through Them Hath Also Visited The World. Whereunto Are Annexed Some Observations Upon The Eternal Judgment, As It Is Expressed By Christ, Mat. xxv. 31. To The End Of The Chapter."

"Concerning The Sum Or Substance Of Our Religion, Who Are Called Quakers, And The Exercises And Travails Of Our Spirits Therein."

Penington, Isaac; Fox, George; Penn, William. The works of the long-mournful and sorely-distressed Isaac Penington, whom the Lord, in his tender mercy, at length visited and relieved by the ministry of that despised people called Quakers; and in the springings of that light, life, and holy power in him, which they had truly and faithfully testified of, and directed his mind to, were these things written; and are now published as a thankful testimony of the goodness of the Lord unto him, and for the benefit of others. Vol. 3. 3d. London: Printed and sold by J. Phillips, 1784.

"Some Things Of Great Weight And Concernment To All; Briefly Opened And Held Forth From A True Sense And Understanding, For The Healing Of The Ruins And Breaches, Which The Enemy Of Mankind Hath Made In Mens Souls. As I. Some Assertions Concerning The Principle And Way Of Life. II. Some Further Directions To Christ, The Principle And Fountain Of Life. III. The End Of Christ's Manifestation, His Salvation, And Whom He Saves. IV. Three Questions Answered, Concerning Justification. V. Of The Pure, Constant, Eternal, Unchangeable Nature Of God's Truth. Written In The Time Of My Confinement In Aylesbury, When Love Was Working In Me, And The Life Of God In Me Travailing And Wrestling With The Lord For The Salvation Of Others."

"A Question To The Professors Of Christianity Whether They Have The True, Living, Powerful, Saving Knowledge Of Christ, Or No? With Some Queries Concerning Christ, And His Appearances; His Taking Upon Him Our Flesh; As Also Concerning His Flesh And Blood, And Our Being Formed Thereof, And Feeding Thereon. And An Incitation To Professors Seriously To Consider, Whether They Or We Fail In The True Acknowledgment And Owning Of The Christ Which Died At Jerusalem. Likewise Some Propositions And Considerations Concerning The Nature Of Church-Worships And Ordinances Since The Death Of The Apostles, For The Sake Of The Simplicity, Which Hath Been Long Held Captive Therein. With The Sounding Of Bowels Towards Thee, O England! Also A Faithful Guidance To The Principle And Path Of Truth. With Some Sensible Experimental Questions And Answers, From The Tenth Chapter Of John."

"To Such As Are Not Satisfied With A Profession, Without The True Life And Power, But Have Sincere Desires In Their Hearts After The Lord Himself, And A Willingness To Be Acquainted With His Pure Living Truth, And With The Soul's True Guide And Leader; This Experience Is In My Heart To Express Unto You, Which We Have All Along Witnessed In Our Travels Out Of The Dark Corrupt Land, Into The Land Of Life And Purity."

"A Brief Account of my Soul's Travel towards the Holy Land, and how at Length it pleased the Lord to join my Heart to his pure, holy, living Truth; wherein I have witnessed the New Covenant, and Peace with the Lord therein. With a few Words concerning the Way of Knowing and Receiving the Truth: which is not done by Disputes and Reasonings of the Mind about it; but in waiting aright for the Demonstration and Power of God's Spirit to open the Heart and Understanding, and by submissive Obedience to it, even in its lowest Appearances in the inward Parts."

"Some Things Relating To Religion, &C. Of Certainty, And Rightly-Grounded Assurance, In Matters Of Religion."

"Some Questions And Answers, Concerning The Church Of The New Covenant, The Rock Or Foundation Whereon It Is Built, And Its Preservation By And Upon The Rock. With Some Queries Concerning The Scattered Estate Of The True Church, And Concerning That Church Which Got Up In Its Stead, And Made A Great Shew With Her Golden Cup, For The Time While The True Church Was Scattered."

"Of The Church, In Its First And Pure State, In Its Declining State, In Its Declined State, And In Its Recovery. With The Way Of Salvation In The Covenant Of Life Opened, And Some Stumbling-Blocks Removed Out Of The Way Of The Simple-Hearted. Likewise Some Queries Concerning The New Covenant. With An Exhortation To All People; But More Especially To Such As Are Desolate And Distressed. By One Who Testifieth What He Hath Seen, And Heard, And Tasted, And Handled Of The Word, And Life Eternal. Whereunto Is Added, A Visit Of Tender And Upright Love To Such As Retain A Sincerity Towards The Lord. Also, A Brief Account Of The Ground Of Certainty And Satisfaction, Which It Hath Pleased The Lord To Establish In My Heart Concerning Religion, And The Things Of His Kingdom. And A Question Answered, About The Way Of Knowing The Motions, Doctrines, And Teachings Of Christ's Spirit. With Somewhat Relating To The Gospel-Rest, Or Sabbath. And Some Queries To Such As Complain Of Want Of Power To Become The Lord's, And Serve Him."

"An Enquiry after Truth & Righteousness, and After the People whom the Lord establisheth, and will establish therein; In some queries on Isaiah lviii. and also on Chap. liv."

"The Holy Truth And People Defended: And Some Of The Weapons And Strength Of The Power Of Darkness, Broken And Scattered By The Light And Power Of Truth, In An Answer To The Chief Passages In A Letter, Written To Me, And Replied To By Me, Before My Imprisonment In This Place. Where I Have Been A Prisoner Above A Year And A Half, Without Any Law Broken, Or Cause Given On My Part; Who Only Came Innocently And Peaceably To Visit My Friends In Prison."

"The Ancient Principle Of Truth: Or, The Light Within Asserted; And Held Forth According To True Experience, And The Faithful Testimony Of The Scriptures: In The Answers To Four Questions. I. What this Light is which we testify of, and what is the Nature of it? II. What it doth inwardly in the Heart? III. How it cometh to be lighted, set up, and increased there? IV. How it cometh to be diminished or Extinguished In Any? Also An Appeal To The Witness Of God In All Consciences, Which Is The More Sure Word Of Prophecy? The Testimony Of The Scriptures Without, Or The Voice And Testimony Of The Light And Spirit Of God Within, In The Heart."

"Naked Truth: Or Truth Nakedly Manifesting Itself, In Several Particulars, For The Removing Of Hindrances Out Of The Way Of The Simple-Hearted, That They May Come To True Knowledge, Life, Liberty, Peace, And Joy In The Lord, Through The Virtue And Power Of His Precious Truth Revealed And Working In Them. Given Forth By Way Of Question And Answer. Whereunto Are Added, Some Experiences, With Some Scriptures, Very Sweet, And Necessary To Be Experienced In The Gospel-State. As Also, A Few Words Concerning The True Christ; And A Few Words In The Bowels Of Tender Love And Good-Will To My Native Country."

"The Flesh And Blood Of Christ, In The Mystery And In The Outward, Briefly, Plainly, And Uprightly Acknowledged, And Testified To; For The Satisfaction And Benefit Of The Tender-Hearted, Who Desire To Experience The Quickening, Healing, And Cleansing Virtue Of It. With A Brief Account Concerning The People Called Quakers, In Reference Both To Principle And Doctrine. Whereunto Are Added, Some Few Other Things, Which, By The Blessing Of God, May Be Experimentally Found Useful To The True Pilgrims And Faithful Travellers Out Of The Nature And Spirit Of This World."

"To The Jews Natural, And To The Jews Spiritual; With A Few Words To England, My Native Country, &C. Some Sensible, Weighty Queries, Concerning Some Things Very Sweet And Necessary To Be Experienced In The Truly Christian State. Whereunto Is Added, A Postscript, Containing Some Queries On Isaiah l. 10, 11. A Scripture Of Deep Counsel And Concern To The Darkened And Distressed States Of Some Among Those That Fear And Obey The Lord. Whereunto Are Added, Two Or Three Queries Touching The River And City Of God, And The Pure Stillness Wherein God Is Known And Exalted. As Also, Some Questions Answered Concerning The True Church, Ministry And Maintenance Under The Gospel, And About The Lamb's War."

"Some Sensible, Weighty Queries, Concerning Some Things Very Sweet And Necessary To Be Experienced In The Truly-Christian State. Whereunto Is Added, A Postscript, Containing Some Queries On Isaiah L. 10, 11. A Scripture Of Deep Counsel And Concern To The Darkened And Distressed States Of Some Among Those That Fear And Obey The Lord."

"The Everlasting Gospel Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, And The Blessed Effects Thereof, Testified To From Experience."

Penington, Isaac; Fox, George; Penn, William. The works of the long-mournful and sorely-distressed Isaac Penington, whom the Lord, in his tender mercy, at length visited and relieved by the ministry of that despised people called Quakers; and in the springings of that light, life, and holy power in him, which they had truly and faithfully testified of, and directed his mind to, were these things written; and are now published as a thankful testimony of the goodness of the Lord unto him, and for the benefit of others. Vol. 4. 3d. London: Printed and sold by J. Phillips, 1784.

"A Further Testimony To Truth, Revived Out Of The Ruins Of The Apostasy: Or, Several Things Opened From The Spirit Of Truth, Touching The Way Of Life And Salvation; Which Will Reach To The Witness In The Hearts Of Those Whose Spirits Are Quickened, And Whose Ears And Understandings Are Opened By The Spirit And Power Of The Lord."

"Life And Immortality Brought To Light Through The Gospel. Being A True Discovery Of The Nature And Ground Of The Religion And Kingdom Of Christ; In Several Weighty Queries, Propounded; And Other Serious Matters Treated Of, Highly Importing The Eternal Salvation Of Souls."

"A Reply to thy Animadversions."

"A Few Experiences Concerning Some Of The Weighty Things Relating To God's Everlasting Kingdom."

"A Treatise Concerning God's Teachings, And Christ's Law, With Some Other Things Of Weighty Importance Particularly Mentioned After The Preface"

"A Question Answered Concerning Reading The Scriptures Aright."

"Somewhat Relating To Church-Government, Wherein The Necessity, Usefulness, And Blessed Effects Of The True Church-Government, Are Here And There Hinted At; And This Clearly Manifested, That The Authority And Power Of Christ's Spirit In His Church, Is No Usurped Or Antichristian Authority, Nor Contrary To The True Light And Liberty Of Any Particular Member, But A Cherisher And Preserver Of It. As Also Remarks Upon Some Passages In A Late Book, Entitled, Antichrist's Transformations Within Discovered By The Light Within. Wherein The Antichristian Transformer Is Made Manifest, And The Light Within Cleared From His False Imputations And Pretences To It."

"Some Misrepresentations Of Me, Concerning Church-Government, Cleared. And The Power And Authority Of God's Spirit, In Governing His Church, Testified To."

"The Seed Of God, And Of His Kingdom, Treated And Testified Of According To The Scriptures Of Truth, And According To True Experience Felt In The Heart From The God Of Truth."

"An Epistle To All Serious Professors Of The Christian Religion: Wherein A Brief Touch Of My Knowledge, Sense, Belief, And Experience Concerning The Godhead, The Offering Up Of The Lord Jesus Christ In His Body On The Tree, As A Propitiatory Sacrifice To The Father, And The Imputation Of His Righteousness To Those Who Believe In His Name And Power, Is Nakedly Laid Before Them; Wherein I Am Not Alone, But One With Those Who Have So Learned And Experienced The Same In The Leadings And Light Of His Holy Spirit."

"Reply to an Answer of some Queries, given forth by me I. P. concerning the Gospel-Baptism; with Answers to some other Queries returned, in a Paper subscribed N. B."

"Epistles To Friends."

"Some Queries Concerning Compulsion In Religion."

"Concerning The Dispensation Of The Gospel, Or The Dispensation Of The Son In Spirit, Which Is The Last Dispensation, Whereby The Mystery Of God, The Mystery Of The Work Of Redemption, Is Finished In The Heart, All Created Anew Inwardly, All Subdued That Is Contrary To God, The Soul Brought Into, Or Translated Into, The Everlasting Kingdom, And The Kingdom At Length Delivered Up To The Father, And God Becomes All In All; Where All Names Cease, And The Pure Eternal Being Is Known, United To, And Lived In, After An Unutterable Manner."

"Some Experiences, Which It Hath Pleased The Lord To Give Me, Concerning His Way, His Truth, His Church And People, Against Whom The Gates Of Hell Cannot Prevail."

Penn, William; Mead, William. The peoples ancient and just liberties asssrted [!], in the tryal of William Penn, and William Mead, at the sessions held at the Old-Baily in London, the first, third, fourth and fifth of Sept. 70. against the most arbitrary procedure of that court. Old-Baily, 1st. 3d.4th, 5th of Sept. 1670. London: 1670.

Penn, William. A collection of the works of William Penn. To which is prefixed a journal of his life, with many original letters and papers not before published. Vol. 1. London: J. Sowle, 1726.

"The Author's Life"

"An Appendix To The Author's Life"

"Truth Exalted: In A Short, But Sure Testimony, Against All Those Religions, Faiths, And Worships, That Have Been Formed And Followed In The Darkness Of Apostacy: And For That Glorious Light Which Is Now Risen, And Shines Forth, In The Life And Doctrine Of The Despised Quakers, As The Alone Good Old Way Of Life And Salvation."

"The Sandy Foundation Shaken, Or, Those So Generally Believed And Applauded Doctrines ... Refuted From The Authority Of Scripture Testimonies, And Right Reason"

"Innocency with her Open Face, by way of Apology, for the Book entituled, The Sandy Foundation Shaken"

"No Cross, No Crown. A Discourse Shewing The Nature And Discipline Of The Holy Cross Of Christ: And That The Denyal Of Self, And Daily Beating Of Christ's Cross, Is The Alone Way To The Rest And Kingdom Of God. To Which Are Added, The Living And Dying Testimonies Of Many Persons Of Fame And Learning, Both Of Ancient And Modern Times, In Favour Of This Treatise."

"A Letter Of Love To The Young Convinced, Of That Blessed Everlasting Way Of Truth And Righteousness, Now Testified Unto By The People Of The Lord Call'd Quakers, Of What Sex, Age, And Rank Soever; In The Nations Of England, Ireland, And Scotland, With The Isles Abroad; But More Particularly To Those Of That Great City Of London, Spiritual Refreshments, Holy Courage, And Perfect Victory From God The Father, And The Lord Jesus Christ, Amen."

"The Great Case Of Liberty Of Conscience. Once More Briefly Debated And Defended, By The Authority Of Reason, Scripture, And Antiquity: Which May Serve The Place Of A General Reply To Such Late Discourses, As Have Oppos'd A Toleration."

"A Seasonable Caveat Against Popery, Or A Pamphlet Entituled, An Explanation Of The Roman Catholick Belief, Briefly Examined,"

"Truth Rescued From Imposture, Or A Brief Reply To A Meer Rhapsody Of Lies, Folly And Slander; But A Pretended Answer To The Tryal Of William Penn And William Mead, &C. Writ And Subscribed, S. S."

"The Christian Quaker And His Divine Testimony Stated And Vindicated From Scripture, Reason And Authority,"

"A Discourse Of The General Rule Of Faith And Practice. And Judge Of Controversie. Greatly Importing All Those Who Desire To Take Right Measures Of Faith, And To Determine (At Least To Themselves) The Numerous Controversies Now On Foot In The World."

"A Letter To The Council And Senate Of Embden,"

"A Treatise Of Oaths, Containing Several Weighty Reasons Why The People Called Quakers Refuse To Swear, And Those Confirmed By Numerous Testimonies Of Gentiles, Jews And Christians, Both Fathers, Doctors And Martyrs,"

"England's Present Interest Considered, With Honour To The Prince, And Safety To The People. In Answer To This One Question, What Is Most Fit, Easy And Safe At This Juncture Of Affairs To Be Done, For Quieting Of Differences, Allaying The Heat Of Contrary Interests, And Making Them Subservient To The Interest Of The Government, And Consistent With The Prosperity Of The Kingdom?"

"The Continued Cry Of The Oppressed For Justice. Being A Farther Account Of The Late Unjust And Cruel Proceedings Of Unreasonable Men Against The Persons And Estates Of Many Of The People Called Quakers, Only For Their Peaceable Meetings To Worship God. Presented To The Serious Consideration Of The King And Both Houses Of Parliament"

"Saul Smitten To The Ground: Being A Brief, But Faithful Narrative, Of The Dying Remorse Of A Late Living Enemy, (To The People Called Quakers, And Their Faith And Worship) Matthew Hide; Attested By Eye And Ear Witnesses, Whereof His Widow Is One."

"An Address To Protestants Of All Perswasions; More Especially The Magistracy And Clergy, For The Promotion Of Virtue And Charity"

"Some Fruits Of Solitude, In Reflections And Maxims, Relating To The Conduct Of Humane Life."

"A Brief Account Of The Rise And Progress Of The People Called Quakers, In Which Their Fundamental Principles, Doctrines, Worship, Ministry And Discipline Are Plainly Declared, &C."

"The Advice Of William Penn To His Children, Relating To Their Civil And Religious Conduct."

Penn, William. A collection of the works of William Penn. To which is prefixed a journal of his life, with many original letters and papers not before published. Vol. 2. London: J. Sowle, 1726.

"The Guide Mistaken, and Temporizing Rebuked: Or, A Brief Reply to Jonathan Clapham's Book, entituled, A Guide to the True Religion, in which his Religion is confuted, Hypocrisy detected, Aspersions reprehended, and Contradictions compared"

"A Serious Apology for the Principles and Practices of the People call'd Quakers, against the Malicious Aspersions, Erroneous Doctrines, and Horrid Blasphemies of Thomas Jenner, and Timothy Taylor, in their Book, entituled, Quakerism Anatomiz'd, and Confuted"

"The Spirit of Truth Vindicated, against that of Error and Envy, unseasonably manifested in a Malicious Libel, entituled, The Spirit of the Quakers Tried, &c."

"The New Witnesses prov'd Old Hereticks: Or, Information to the Ignorant; in which the Doctrines of John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton, are proved to be mostly Ancient Whimsies, Blasphemies and Heresies, from the Evidence of Scripture, Reason, and several Historians. Also an Account of some Discourse between W. Penn, and Lod. Muggleton"

"Plain Dealing with a Traducing Anabaptist: Or, Three Letters writ upon Occasion of some Slanderous Reflections, given and promoted against William Penn, by one John Morse, The Proposed Comprehension, Soberly, and not Unseasonably considered"

"The Spirit of Alexander the Copper-Smith Justly Rebuked; Or, An Answer to a late Pamphlet, entituled, The Spirit of the Hat, or the Government of the Quakers"

"Judas and the Jews combin'd against Christ and His Followers, being a Rejoynder to the late Nameless Reply, call'd, Tyranny and Hypocrisie detected, made against a Book, entituled, The Spirit of Alexander the Copper-Smith, Rebuked"

"Quakerism a New Nick-name for Old Christianity, being an Answer to a Book, entituled, Quakerism No Christianity, Subscribed by J. Faldo. In which the Rise, Doctrine and Practice of the Abused Quakers, are Truly, Briefly, and Fully Declared and Vindicated, from the False Charges, Wicked Insinuations, and utmost Opposition made by that Adversary"

"The Invalidity of John Faldo' s Vindication of his Book, call'd, Quakerism No Christianity: Being a Rejoynder, in Defence of the Answer, entituled, Quakerism a New Nick-Name for Old Christianity; wherein many Weighty Gospel-Truths are handled, and the Disingenuous Carriage of that Adversary is observed, for the Information of Moderate Enquirers"

"Wisdom Justified of Her Children, from the Ignorance and Calumny of Henry Hallywell, in his Book called, An Account of Familism, as it is Revived and Propagated by the Quakers"

"Reason against Railing, and Truth against Fiction: Being an Answer to Two Pamphlets, entituled, A Dialogue between a Christian and a Quaker; and the Continuation of the Dialogue, &c. By one Thomas Hicks, an Anabaptist Teacher"

"The Counterfeit Christian Detected, and the Real Quaker Justified; against the Vile Forgeries, Gross Perversions, Black Slanders, Plain Contradictions, and Scurrilous Language of T. Hicks, in his Third Dialogue call'd, The Quaker Condemn'd. By Way of Appeal to all Sober People, especially those called Anabaptists, in, and about the City of London"

"A Just Rebuke to One and Twenty Learned and Reverend Divines, so called, being an Answer to an Abusive Epistle against the People called Quakers"

"Urim and Thummim: Or, the Doctrines of Light and Perfection Maintained, against the Opposite Plea of Samuel Grevil, a Pretended Minister of the Gospel, in his Un-Gospel-like Discourse, against a Book entituled, A Testimony of the Light Within; anciently Writ by Alexander Parker"

"Naked Truth needs No Shift: Or, an Answer to a Libellous Sheet, entituled, The Quaker's Last Shift found out"

"A Return to John Faldo' s Reply, called, A Curb for William Penn's Confidence"

"The Skirmisher Defeated, and Truth Defended; being an Answer to a Pamphlet, entituled, A Skirmish upon Quakerism"

"A Brief Answer to a False and Foolish Libel, call'd, The Quaker's Opinions; for their Sakes that Writ it, and Read it"

"England's Great Interest, in the Choice of a New Parliament: Dedicated to all Her Freeholders and Electors"

"One Project for the Good of England, that is, Our Civil Union is our Civil Safety: Humbly Dedicated to the Great Council, The Parliament of England"

"A Brief Examination, and State of Liberty Spiritual, both with Respect to Persons in their Private Capacity, and in their Church-Society & Communion"

"A General Description of the Province of Pennsylvania; its Soil, Air, Water, Seasons, and Produce, both Natural and Artificial, and the Good Increase thereof; with an Account of the Natives, or Aborigines"

"A Defence of the Duke of Buckingham' s Book of Religion and Worship, from the Exceptions of a Nameless Author"

"Animadversions on the Apology of the Clamorous Squire, against the Duke of Buckingham's Seconds, as Men of No Conscience"

"A Perswasive to Moderation to Church-Dissenters, in Prudence and Conscience: Humbly submitted to the King, and His Great Council"

"Good Advice to the Church of England, Roman Catholick, and Protestant Dissenter; in which it is endeavoured to make appear, that it is their Duty, Principle, and Interest, to abolish the Penal Laws and Tests"

"Just Measures: Being an Epistle of Peace and Love, to such Professors of Truth as are under Dissatisfaction about the Order practised in the Church of Christ"

"A Key, Opening the Way to every Capacity, how to distinguish the Religion Professed by the People called Quakers, from the Perversions and Misrepresentations of their Adversaries. With a Brief Exhortation to all Sorts of People to Examine their Ways, and turn speedily to the Lord"

"The New Athenians, No Noble Bereans: Being an Answer to several Athenian Mercuries, in Behalf of the People called Quakers"

"A Reply by a Nameless Author, to W. Penn's Key; in which the Principles of the People called Quakers, are farther Explained and Confirm'd"

"An Essay towards the Present and Future Peace of Europe, by the Establishment of an European Dyet, Parliament, or Estates"

"A Visitation to the Jews: To the Seed of Abraham, and House of Israel, after the Flesh"

"Primitive Christianity Reviv'd, in the Faith and Practice of the People called Quakers. Written in Testimony to the present Dispensation of God through them, to the World; that Prejudices may be removed, the Simple informed; the Well-Inclined encouraged, and the Truth, and it's Innocent Friends, rightly represented"

"A Testimony to the Truth of God, as held by the People called Quakers; being a Short Vindication of them, from the Abuses and Misrepresentations often put upon them, by Envious Apostates, and Mercenary Adversaries"

“A Defence of a Paper, entituled, Gospel-Truths, against the Exceptions of the Bishop of Cork's Testimony"

Penn, William. A reply to a pretended answer by a nameless author to W.P.'s key : in which the principles of the people of God called Quakers are further explain'd and confirm'd. London: Printed for Thomas Northcott, 1695.

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"Considerations On The True Harmony Of Mankind, And How It Is To Be Maintained"

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