Quakers in Politics Panel (webcast)

Does faith influence values? Can it be a factor in governance without closing the gap between church and state? If faith and values have a place in the discussion, what might it mean to be a Quaker and run for Congress? How do Quakers relate to the governing of the country? The upcoming Congressional mid-term elections already have at least seven Quaker candidates running for office. How does their Quaker faith inform these candidates' desires to run for Congress? What advice would they have for other Quakers wanting to run for office in the future? Find out what motivated these first-time candidates to give up their privacy for the glare of public service. Join moderator Alan Price, President of Earlham College and Earlham School of Religion for a panel discussion with Quaker U.S. Congressional candidates:

• Steve Bacher (Pennsylvania 8th District)

• Adam Coker (North Carolina 13th District)

• Darlene McDonald (Utah 4th District)

• Shawna Roberts (Ohio 6th District)

• Molly Sheehan (Pennsylvania 7th District)

• Nick Thomas (Colorado 2nd District)

Event co-sponsored by Friends Journal and Earlham School of Religion

Event Date: 
03/22/2018 - 3:00pm