What Should Ministry Look Like?

As ESR prepares students for ministry we’re obligated to continually consider what ministry looks like and respond accordingly. Since our founding in 1960 ministry has evolved, and our attitudes toward and preparation for ministry have evolved with it.

Ministry is a way of being in the world, not bound to a pulpit or place, but seeking opportunities everywhere to make a broken world whole. Those opportunities are found in meetings, churches, small groups, health care, education, social work, and service to those who live at society’s margins.

Our talents and education, and the products of our discernment lead us to examine how we are each best suited to practice our own ministry. Some of the ways we create wholeness in the world are well established. Others are as yet unseen, or evolving as ministers listen to God’s still, small voice and find their way toward a vital role in ministry.

Like God’s kingdom, ministry is diverse. Finding our way to our place in ministry can be mysterious and challenging. But the fruits of this work and discernment matter to all of us who need God’s grace