M.Div./M.Min. – Writing Emphasis

Quaker history is rich in the written word. Friends history spans a number of remarkable fiction and non-fiction writers, essayists and poets. Although writing is not a typical field of study in seminaries, the role of writing as public ministry among Friends and other faith traditions makes it a worthy and important field of study.

The writing emphasis hones both writers' skills in multiple genres, and develops their understandings of writing as public ministry. Courses in this emphasis include Writing as Ministry; Writing the Story; Literary Non-Fiction; Expository Non-Fiction; Writing for Publication, and rotating courses devoted to other genres. Students study both Friends writings, as well as authors from other religious traditions and the secular world.

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Recent and Upcoming Writing Courses

2017 May BS 337-T Writing Midrash two-week intensive
2017 August WR 290-T Writing Mental Illness two-week intensive
2017 Fall WR 101 Writing as Ministry residential
2017 Fall WR 240-O Writing Public Theology online
2018 Spring T 315-W Theopoetics weekend intensive
2018 August WR 220-T Writing the Story two-week intensive
2018 Fall WR 101-O Writing as Ministry online
2018 Fall WR 240 Public Theology residential
2019 Spring WR 230-O Literary Non-Fiction online
2019 Spring WR 350-B Writing Seminar residential and blended/online

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Plan to Attend the Ministry of Writing Colloquium

Students, prospective students and those interested in a ministry of writing should plan to attend the next Ministry of Writing Colloquium in Fall 2019. The colloquium will bring together storytellers, poets, theologians and activists to explore a creative vision of ministry in community.