Administrative Faculty


Julie Dishman, Acting Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Julie joined the staff of ESR in 2014 as Receptionist to Admissions and the Faculty, and is currently responsible for recruiting new students as well as overseeing the admissions process for ESR. She earned a B.A. from Ball State University in 1998.
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Jonelle Ellis, Director of Business and Student Services

Jonelle joined the administrative faculty at ESR in 2018 and manages the school's business affairs and student services. She earned a B.A. from Indiana University East in 2014.
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Mandy Ford, Director of External Relations

Mandy joined ESR in 2007 and serves as the liaison between the school and alumni, donors and other community members. She earned a B.A. in Communications from Indiana University East in 2001.
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Matthew Hisrich, Acting Dean of Earlham School of Religion, Vice President of Earlham College

As Acting Dean, Matt Hisrich serves as the chief operating officer of the Earlham School of Religion. He is also a vice president of Earlham College.

Matthew is a graduate of ESR having received his M.Div. in 2008. He joined the school in 2012 as Director of Recruitment and Admissions and stepped into the role of Acting Dean in July of 2018. He has also earned a B.A. from Hillsdale College in 1999 and expects to complete a Doctorate in Management from the University of Maryland University College in December 2018.
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Tim Seid, Associate Dean & Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies

Tim joined Earlham School of Religion in 2001. As Associate Dean, Tim is primarily responsible for the distance learning program (ESR Access), for Student Services, and for management of ESR's website and institutional publications. As Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies, he teaches two courses per year in the area of New Testament. He earned a B.A. from Grace College in 1981; an M.A. from Wheaton College Graduate School in 1984; and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies (Early Christianity) from Brown University in 1996.
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Avis Stewart, Interim President of Earlham College

Avis Stewart was appointed Interim President in June 2018. Stewart served as Vice President for Community Relations from 2002-2015 and Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Community Relations from 2015-17. 
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April Vanlonden, Director of Academic Services

April joined ESR in 2009. She is a recorded Friends minister and earned a B.A. from Indiana University, Bloomington, in 1983 and an M.Div. from ESR in 2004.
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