2019 Spirituality Gathering: Fearless Authenticity

When Brent was born, his parents were delighted to welcome their third daughter, Brenda, into the world. But from an early age, Brent knew he was different than his sisters, and every other girl he knew. As he grew, he quickly discovered that his Christian identity would be challenged by questions surrounding his sexuality, and eventually his gender identity.

Brent will introduce you to Brenda, the conservative girl with a passion for ministry, the heartbroken lesbian who thought God had no use fo her, and the woman who eventually taught Brent that true strength comes from living a life of fearless authenticity.

You may find that Brent’s story is not that different from your own. Transitions are a part of the human experience, and through them we see that courage and tenacity result from the struggle to live a truly authentic life. With stories of heartbreak and humor from his personal experience, Brent will demonstrate that being LGBTQ+ need not hinder one’s relationship with the Divine or the unique testimony we offer to the world.

Event Date: 
03/02/2019 (All day)