ESR Announces 2018 Mullen Fellowship Recipient

ESR is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2018 Mullen Ministry of Writing Fellowship, Andy Henry. Andy is a current ESR student and resides in Mt. Gilead, OH. He has a B.S. in Bible/Theology from Barclay College and is in the process of earning his M.Div. at ESR.

For his fellowship project, Andy will be working on a book called Recovering Abundance: Resources for Place-Based Ministry. The purpose of his book is to “connect faith communities to the insights of those doing the work of community renewal and draw out the spiritual and theological resources available to people of faith.” In his work he is focusing on answering questions about renewal for rural communities, what resources are available to guide that work, and what resources need to be created to offer additional support. Andy is also doing related work in his current supervised ministry course, which is focused on blogging and social media engagement around the topic of rural renewal. You can read more about Andy’s work on his website,

The recipient of the Mullen Fellowship spends the Spring Session (January through May, 2018) at ESR working on a publishable manuscript while attending a Ministry of Writing class. The Fellowship covers the tuition or audit fee for one class.

We look forward to helping Andy further develop his project and are thankful for the opportunity to partner with him in this important ministry.