ESR Awards Trueblood Chair

ESR Professor of Peace and Justice Studies Lonnie Valentine has been awarded the Elton Trueblood Chair of Christian Thought. The Chair was established in 1967 and rotates every five years between Earlham College and the School of Religion. 

ESR Professor Lonnie Valentine

The Trueblood Chair allows the awarded faculty member time to work on research and writing in their area of study and interest. This research typically leads to publication and a symposium at the conclusion of the five-year term, in which the chair holder's research is featured.

During his time as the Trueblood Chair, Valentine will be working on two research and writing projects. The first of these will be furthering his research on Quaker war tax resistance, which will result in a full length book manuscript, as well as articles for journal submission. "Because Quakers are still involved in this action, including creation of the Peace Tax Fund campaign as a legislation remedy for war tax resisters, I think further research in this area would contribute to Friends' thinking on the war tax issue," stated Valentine.

His second project during this five year time frame will be further research and writing on process theology. Theology is the primary focus in three of Valentine's courses at ESR.Valentine shared in his proposal, "Because the focus of my PhD dissertation was in process theology as related to nonviolent resistance and because I have continued to read and teach in the area of process theology, developing a book length manuscript on this topic engaging recent developments in process thought is worthwhile." As with his war tax resistance research, this area will also produce published writing.

"I see both of these efforts as contributing not only to Quaker scholarship and to my work at ESR, but also to the current religious and social situation we are now in," stated Valentine. "Given the changes going on in American religious, cultural, and political life, both of these endeavors can contribute to thinking about these changes."

Congratulations to Lonnie and we look forward to sharing in the results of his work over the next five years.