ESR to Host 2014 Quaker Leadership Conference

ESR will host their 5th annual Quaker Leadership ConferenceLeading as Servants in the Manner of Friends, on August 15-17, 2014, featuring keynote presentations from Alan Kolp and Ann Riggs. Registration and payment form available on-line.

“Servant leadership” is a term that resonates with many persons, but upon inspection it means different things to different people. Is it a blend of humility with competence? Is it a heart for the whole rather than unthrottled egocentric ambition? Advocates of servant leadership have developed clusters of characteristics that give shape to a general understanding of the term. This year's Leadership Conference will explore servant leadership in it's many forms.

Keynote Presentations:

Alan Kolp currently holds the Baldwin Wallace University Chair in Faith & Life and is Professor of Religion. He also has been Pastoral Leader at First Friends Meeting of Richmond, Indiana and was Dean of ESR and Professor of Historical and Spiritual Studies. In his presentation, Servant Leadership: Spirituality Charged Change Agent, Alan will explore the concept of servant leadership as transformational and virtue-based, and share the characteristics displayed by a successful servant leader.


Ann Riggs led Friends Theological College, Kaimosi, in Western Kenya since 2009 as Field Staff for Friends United Meeting. She returned to the United States at the end of the 2013-14 academic year, joining the faculty of Loyola University of Chicago’s Institute of Pastoral Studies. Ann's presentation, Serving through Leadership in the Manner of Friends, will use historical and contemporary Quaker resources to explore the tasks of a servant leader focusing on three areas: building empathic community with all the diverse stakeholders of an organization, grasping the wider and long-term implications of both actions and inactions, and leading from a base of experience.

Workshop topics will include Nurturing Leadership,Management as MinistryPower, Politics & Servant LeadershipEntrepreneurial Ministry and Service, and others.We will also hear from organizational leaders and volunteers during two panel presentations.

For full conference information, including the agenda and registration information, visit our website. Other questions: call Mandy Ford at (800) 432-1377 or email