ESR Supports Volunteer Service with New Scholarship

Earlham School of Religion recently joined FAITH³’s 2014 Class of Seminaries That Change the World. According to FAITH³ Director Wayne Meisel, an important qualification for this distinction is that the school evidence a “commitment to faithfully engage in the world” and to assist students in their pursuit of “a lifetime of service.”

After the launch of Seminaries That Change the World, FAITH³ followed up with the launch of a companion cohort of Service Programs that Change the World. Earlham School of Religion continues to deeply appreciate the opportunity to participate in and support this effort to foster a “generation of idealists, activists, volunteers and servant-leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to community service and social justice.”

While ESR already offers significant financial support through its need-based aid and scholarship programs, beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year ESR will seek to specifically support those who have been involved in service and who want to continue their engagement during seminary and beyond. ESR will offer a limited number of full-tuition scholarships to accepted, degree-seeking, residential student applicants within three years of completing a year of volunteer service with a member organization of Service Programs that Change the World.

“Any optimistic vision I have for the future of ministry includes persons whose faith demonstrates passion for service that improves the quality of our life together,” says ESR Dean Jay Marshall. “These volunteer service scholarships are one way ESR is prepared to support that vision.”

The service scholarships are part of ESR’s newly-launched Leadership and Service Program, which also extends full scholarships to recent graduates of Quaker College Leadership programs.

To learn more, please contact ESR Director of Recruitment and Admissions Matt Hisrich at or call (800) 432-1377.