ESR Launches Master of Arts: Theopoetics & Writing

Earlham School of Religion provides a unique educational experience with its new graduate degree in theopoetics and writing (MATW). The first of its kind at a seminary, this degree enables students to focus study in ways that celebrate mystery, metaphor, and meaning in texts and contexts for expansive reflection, critical engagement, and various forms of writing.

Led by professors Ben Brazil (ESR) and Scott Holland (Bethany Theological Seminary), and drawing on the strengths of ESR's Ministry of Writing Program and Bethany’s theopoetics curriculum, the MATW degree was developed through a collaboration by both schools. The degree joins theology, poetry, narrative, spirituality, and public conversations together in the pursuit of inquiry and understanding that result in creative production across multiple genres.

The MATW is offered independently by both ESR and Bethany and requires 36 credits (twelve 3-credit-hour courses). At ESR it may be done residentially or through our distance education program, Access. There is no residency requirement for Access students; however recipients of the Quaker Professional Scholarship must take one residential intensive course.

For more information on the Master of Arts: Theopoetics and Writing, contact Director of Recruitment and Admissions Julie Dishman at or call (800) 432-1377.