ESR Announces 2018-19 Scholarship Recipients

ESR is pleased to announce the recipients of the Thomas J. Mullen Scholarship for the 2018-19 academic year. 

The Thomas J. Mullen Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship given to a residential Cooper Scholar in their last year of work toward either an M.Div. or M.A. degree. Criteria for recipients of this scholarship include clarity of ministerial identity, self-awareness of their own spiritual formation process, and potential for continued leadership and/or service through their gifts of ministry. The three recipients for the 2018-19 year are:

Anthony Kirk is an M.Div student with an emphasis in Pastoral Ministry, and came to ESR in August of 2016. He is seeking ordination in the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), and is a member of Eternal Joy MCC in Dayton, Ohio. He currently serves as minister at Interfaith Apartments in Richmond, and is in regular attendance at First Friends Meeting in Richmond. "Anthony is heavily invested in the ESR community, and is a force behind some of the fun events planned for students," stated his faculty advisor Phil Baisley. "Anthony is conscientious, thorough, creative and witty, and he has a great pastor's heart." Anthony has a gift for hospitality, having hosted ESR visiting student days and now serving as the host at the ESR guest house. He stated in his application that he feels his gifts are best suited for leadership and service within a congregational setting. "I am thankful that ESR has given me the space and tools to discover just who God calls me to be," he shared.

Dan Mudd is an M.Div student and plans to declare dual emphases in Ministry of Writing and Spirituality. Dan came to ESR with his wife and fellow ESR student Jaimie Mudd in the fall of 2016. He frequently attends Clear Creek Meeting and recently agreed to serve as their website organizer. It was shared in the Meeting's recommendation letter that "Dan's gifts for ministry are clearly visible," and  "He is grounded in contemplative practice." Dan is also a valuable member of the ESR community as a student and member of the worship committee. His ministry currently involves practicing inter-visitation with other Meetings, as well as cultivating his gifts for spiritual nurture and planning retreats centered on prayer and meditation. When sharing about his time at ESR in his application, Dan stated that "the coursework and conversations have permitted me to allow myself to claim an aspect of my spiritual self and practice (prayer) as a valid form of ministry." 

Jaimie Mudd is an M.Div. student with dual emphases in Religious Leadership and Pastoral Ministry. She came to ESR in the fall of 2016 with her husband, Dan Mudd. Jaimie came to ESR to follow a call to "strengthen our Quaker Meetings and the larger body of diverse faith communities," and she sees her core calling as "to equip people for courageous leadership." In a recommendation letter from Clear Creek Meeting, they recognized her gift for community organizing, to see the bigger picture, and shared they have been "blessed by Jaimie's presence in worship and her energy for causes of peace and justice." Jaimie currently has a coaching, consulting and retreat business, Watershed Ways, focused on "equipping you for heart centered living." 

Jack Rowan is an M.Div student with dual emphases in Pastoral Care and Peace and Justice Studies. He began his ESR studies in August 2015. He is currently serving in a year-long CPE residency program in Spokane, WA, near his home state of Montana, where he is also an active member of Missoula Friends Meeting. In their recommendation letter, Jack's Meeting noted his spiritual growth since coming to ESR, affirmed his gifts for chaplaincy, and described him as a person with "deep life experience and a strong spiritual calling." In his application letter, Jack shared that his time at ESR and in his CPE residency have helped him realize the "depth and breadth" of his ministry. He eagerly anticipates returning to Richmond this next academic year to finish his coursework and return to his work as a chaplain and social justice advocate in Montana.  

Congratulations to Anthony, Dan, Jaimie, and Jack on this accomplishment, and we wish them the best of luck as they complete their studies at ESR and share their gifts for ministry!