Bivocational Ministry Interviews: Congregation Questions

  1. What would you consider to be the three most important things a pastor does?
  2. In your church, who is responsible for the following ministries?
    1. Leading worship
    2. Preaching
    3. Rites of passage
    4. Pastoral care
    5. Encouraging spiritual development
    6. Outreach
    7. Church administration
  3. Which pastoral duties does the congregation take on since the pastor is not fulltime?
  4. What things just don’t get done??
  5. Do you know what your pastor’s other job is?
  6. How much time (hours in a week) do you think your pastor spends on church work? How much time do you think they spend on their other job?
  7. How satisfied are you with your pastor’s ministry?
  8. Has your pastor’s other job ever come into conflict with the church, or vice versa? Example: What happens when someone in the congregation dies? Has it ever created a problem between the church and your pastor’s other place of employment?
  9. What advantages have you found to having a bivocational pastor?
  10. What disadvantages have you found in having a bivocational pastor?
  11. How could a seminary or Bible college better prepare people for bivocational pastoral ministry?