Bivocational Ministry Interviews: Pastor Questions

  1. Describe your call to pastoral ministry.
  2. How did you prepare for pastoral ministry? Education, etc.
  3. What is your other job? What kind of training/preparation did you do for that job?
  4. Is this church your first pastorate? If not, were you ever employed fulltime as a pastor? If so, how did you feel about having to be bivocational?
  5. In terms of hours per week, how much time do you devote to church work? How much time to your other job?
  6. How do you prioritize your ministry tasks? What do you consider to be the top three things you do in a week?
  7. Do you ever feel the congregation expects more of you than you can give as a bivocational pastor?
  8. Income: what percentage from the church; what percentage from your other job?
  9. Has your other job ever come into conflict with the church, or vice versa? Example: What happens when someone in the congregation dies? How does the extra time you must spend in church work affect your other job?
  10. How do you handle the stress of bivocational ministry? Self-care. Boundaries.
  11. What advantages have you found to being a bivocational pastor?
  12. What disadvantages have you found in being a bivocational pastor?
  13. How could a seminary or Bible college better prepare people for bivocational pastoral ministry?