Leadership Conference 2014: Servant Leadership: Spirituality Charged Change Agent - Alan Kolp

2014 ESR Quaker Leadership Conference: Leading as Servants in the Manner of Friends - August 15-17, 2014

The calling of the effective twenty-first century leader is to be a change agent. Status quo and “business as usual” modes of leadership signal the death knell for any institution---profit or non-profit. Effective leaders generally will be innovative leaders. Servant-leadership, as a particular form of leadership, resonates with Quaker spirit, especially as Robert Greenleaf experienced and expressed it. The servant-leader is a spiritually charged change agent. As Quakers understand it, a servant-leader is a spiritual leader. Hence, leader is given a charism, along with the charge to lead change. As a spiritually charged change agent, the servant-leader is a transformational leader.

A number of characteristics of the servant-leader can be noted that help in identifying, equipping and encouraging the development of Quaker leaders for the job of being twenty-first century change agents. Servant-leadership is moral leadership. It is leadership that is virtue-based, which is always foundational. The servant-leader enables the creation of a vision and crafts a strategy to facilitate the envisioned change and growth. Servant-leaders know how to marshal and exercise the power necessary to lead change. Servant-leaders have the requisite humility to share the success and the courage to shoulder shortcomings.

Bio: Currently Alan holds the Baldwin Wallace University Chair in Faith & Life and is Professor of Religion. He also has been Pastoral Leader at First Friends Meeting, Richmond, IN and was Dean of ESR and Professor of Historical and Spiritual Studies. Alan teamed with business colleague, Peter Rea, to author two books. They also founded the Center for Innovation and Growth to inspire students to develop innovative skills and mindset. They work globally within the business community to develop innovative leaders who can lead change to make a better, peaceful world. Alan also writes a daily inspirational blog.

Event Date: 
08/15/2014 - 6:45pm to 7:45pm