ESR Annual Spirituality Gathering 2009 - Thomas Thangaraj, "Christian Spirituality in a Multi-Faith World" Part One

Thomas Thangaraj -- Keynote Address: "Christian Spirituality in a Multi-Faith World"

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Title: Lecture Three: "Christian Spirituality in a Multi-Faith World" Part One
Speaker: Dr. Thomas Thangaraj grew up in a Christian family in South India and has enjoyed a multi-faith context all of his life. He will share from his experience and study, as well as guide our thoughts around questions of negotiating diversity and interfaith dialogue. Based on his experience, Dr. Thangaraj shares a profound discovery: other faith traditions have enriched his own Christian spiritual practices. Recently retired from teaching World Christianity at the Candler School of Theology, Dr. Thangaraj continues to have a lively calendar of speaking engagements on topics of dialogue with other faith traditions and one’s own spiritual discovery in the midst of diverse religious practices. He has been actively involved with inter-religious dialogue at both the local and international levels. Dr. Thangaraj has written three books and is currently working on a fourth, Negotiating Diversity: Crossing Boundaries as Spiritual Practice. He has also written twenty hymns as part of his passion for Christian hymnody in Tamil, India.
Date: March 7, 2009
Running Time: 1:51:45
Event Date: 
03/07/2009 (All day)