Thank you for your confirmation!

We look forward to having you with us as part of our community. If you have questions about the next steps, please contact Julie Dishman, Interim Director of Recruitment & Admissions,, 765-983-1523.

What to do or expect once you have confirmed your admission to ESR:

  • We have assigned an advisor to confer with you about classes. You will get an e-mail of introduction in the next week or so. Please review the course schedule for the upcoming term as well as the academic calendar at the Seminary Academic Services website. You will need to sign in as a guest

  • Seminary Computing Services and Earlham College Computing Services will send you e-mails with the usernames and passwords required to access your email, Banner Self-Service (registration system), and Moodle (contains course syllabi, as well as the websites for online courses). 

  • After you have spoken with your advisor and have received the usernames and passwords from Seminary Computing Services and Earlham College Computing Services, you will make an appointment with April Vanlonden, the Seminary Registrar.

If you have questions about:

  • Financial Aid and fees, please contact Jonelle Ellis, Director of Business Services and Facilities,, 765-983-1540.
  • Seminary Computing Services, contact Ryan Frame, Director of Seminary Computing Services,, 765-983-1262.
  • Student Services including Disability accomodations, Brent Walsh, Director of Student and Alumni Engagement,, 765-983-1588.
  • Scholarship service hours (Cooper, Leadership & Services, International), contact Miriam Bunner, Assitant to the Dean,, 765-983-1687.
  • Registration and Academic Services, April Vanlonden, Joint Seminaries Registrar,, 765-983-1816.
  • Seminary Library Services, contact Karla Fribley, Seminary Librarian,, 765-983-1290. 
  • Housing in Richmond, join the ESR/BTS Housing Opportunities page. Also contact the Director of Student and Alumni Engagement Brent Walsh,, 765-983-1588.
  • Living in Richmond, visit, and