2016 ESR Writers Colloquium: Panel Two

David Dark: Religion Happens

David Dark argues that religion might be the most catastrophically unexamined abstraction of our time. It’s an easy catch-all for craziness, a convenient location for placing blame, and a seemingly easy way to isolate chaos with a concept. But look deeper. Religion isn’t simply about who does or doesn’t believe in God or an afterlife. Religion is the question of what we do with ourselves, and with others. Your religion is your witness; it’s the shape your loves and hates take. Might re-examining this hot-button word, what appears to be the most divisive word of all, afford us the hope of undivided living? Might it change not just the way we write, but the way we live?

Al Hsu: The Spiritual Life as Editorial Process

Can editing – and being edited – bring transformation, and even redemption? InterVarsity Press editor and author Al Hsu contends that editing may be a spiritual process, and that both writing and editing offer windows into the spiritual life. This presentation will explore God’s identity as divine editor, writing as an incarnational practice, the grace of editorial review, and the significance of editorial community.

Patricia Raybon: Why Our Stories Still Matter

As Patricia Raybon struggled with a new challenge – writing a mystery novel – she flirted with despair. Did this made-up story even matter? Considering that the crime/ mystery genre ranks second only to romance/erotica in popularity, our culture seems to suggest that, somehow, it might. In this talk, Raybon explores what writers of faith can learn from plotting a mystery, from creating compelling characters, and from designing a believable story world – none of it “fact” but, as fiction, all worthy and true.

Event Date: 
11/05/2016 (All day)