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Tuition and costs

All fees are subject to change and effective July 1 of each year.
Tuition (per credit hour)$620
Note: MATW students entering 2022-23 and after – ESR will award internal financial aid to match Bethany Theological Seminary tuition.
Audit Flat Fee$600
$200 ESR Degree Program Graduates
New Student Enrollment Fee/Deposit*$100 before June 15
$150 after June 15
ESR Residential Fee$425
ESR – EC Residential Fee$240
ESR Access Fee$300
ESR – EC Access Fee$80
Late Registration*$50
Transcript (each)*$7-$20
M.A. Continuing Research$200
Earlham Health Services (per visit; medications additional)$25-$35

*indicates a non-refundable fee

More information about fees

The Admissions Application fee is $40.

Tuition is charged on a per credit hour basis, for all students and all classes. Most classes are 3 credits and the recommended maximum full-time class load for residential students is 27 credits per year. Tuition for the 2022-23 academic year is $620 per credit, $1,860 for a 3-credit class, or $16,740 for a full-time load of 27 credits. While the exact number of courses per semester will vary for both residential and Access students depending on course availability and life circumstances, we generally recommend a courseload of 9-12 credits per semester to make good progress toward degree completion. Students should regularly consult with their faculty advisor regarding academic progress. New Occasional students receive a 50% tuition discount on their first introductory course. Except in cases of exceptional need, Need-based Aid covers up to 50% of tuition for degree-seeking students, and up to 25% for certificate students. Need-based Aid is available to all degree-seeking students taking a minimum of six credits per session (3 credits for certificate students) who have not been awarded any other full-tuition scholarship. Need is calculated from information provided by the student on their FAFSA and Financial Aid Application.

Newly Admitted Students pay this fee to confirm their acceptance to ESR. The fee is $150, discounted to $100 if they pay by June 15, and will be applied to the students account, to be reimbursed upon graduation. This fee is non-refundable if all classes are dropped or student leaves ESR before they are graduated.

The audit fee is a flat fee of $600 per course (no semester fees) for new students and for ESR alumni who have not earned an ESR degree. The audit fee for ESR degree program graduates is a flat fee of $200 per course. Current students can audit one course per semester free of charge; if they don’t use their free audit their spouse may use the audit (form for spousal audit).

These fees cover the registration and technology fees. For residential students, this fee also covers regular semester common meals

These fees are charged by Earlham college for use of their facilities. These fees include the wellness center, library, and counseling services for residential students. Access students are charged a fee for library services.

Returning degree-seeking students who don’t register during the announced open registration period are charged a late registration fee of $50 per session. This also applies to students who register late due to a financial hold on their billing account. The enrollment period for returning students can be found on the Academic Services calendar. New and Occasional students may register anytime between open registration and the last Add Date and are not subject to this fee.

$7 per transcript (3-5 business days); One day fax service: $7; Next day service: $20.

M.A. students who have completed the required courses, who are not enrolled for classes or thesis credit, and who continue working with ESR faculty on their thesis are charged a Continuing Research Fee of $200 per session. This fee covers the costs of community activities, library privileges, and consultation with faculty.

Students wishing to receive academic credit for their participation in a Clinical Pastoral Education program are charged the regular tuition rate for the number of credit hours received. The institution at which the student will participate in the CPE program will also charge the student a fee. ESR will pay the CPE fee directly to the institution. There must be at least a $100 margin to cover service costs at ESR. Otherwise, in addition to the student’s tuition, there will be a charge sufficient to provide the $100. Click here for information on requesting a CPE fees payment from ESR.

All students expecting to graduate are billed a $100 fee in their final session of course work to cover administrative expenses.

Earlham Health Services is located in Earlham Hall on the College campus. There is a Health Services Fee of $25-$35 per visit, plus a charge for medications. Details are sent to new students before arriving on campus.

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