What Should Ministry Look Like?

As ESR prepares students for ministry we’re obligated to continually consider what ministry looks like and respond accordingly. Since our founding in 1950 ministry has evolved, and our attitudes toward and preparation for ministry

Alumni Stories

After ESR, God became bigger and more inclusive to me." Vivian Wyatt, Minister of Care and Business Administration, M.Div. 2011. After growing up in a conservative denomination, Vivian Wyatt was certain of one thing: Church should be inclusive.

ESR 2021 Spirituality Gathering

Join us for the ESR 2021 Spirituality Gathering. More information to come.

2021 Willson Lectures

2021 Willson Lectures, April 10, 2021

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Reimagining Spirit

2021 ESR Willson Lectures

Reimagining Spirit

Featuring Grace Ji-Sun Kim