Writing as Ministry Certificate

The written word is a powerful undercurrent flowing through Quaker history. We offer the Writing as Ministry Certificate to help writers develop a vital ministry in this field.

The certificate is designed for those who are engaged in writing as a vocation, and for those who are interested in exploring this powerful public ministry. Studies span the practice of writing for multiple genres, as well as understanding writing in a theological, biblical and historical context.


The program consists of six courses and can be completed within two years. Courses may be taken entirely from the study of Spirituality, or students can choose up to two electives from across the curriculum.

Core courses:

  • Writing Seminar
  • Capstone

Required ancillary courses (choose three):

  • Writing the Story
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Public Theology
  • Writing for God and God’s People
  • Special Topics (i.e. Writing Mental Illness and Writing as Craft and Mindfulness)

Required intro course from another field of study (choose one):

  • BS 101 – Introduction to Old Testament History and Literature
  • BS 102 – Introduction to New Testament History and Literature
  • HS 101 – History of Christianity I
  • HS 102 – History of Christianity II
  • PJ 101 – Introduction to Peace and Justice
  • TS 101 – Introduction to Theological Reflection

Our faculty

This certificate program is led by Ben Brazil, assistant professor and director of the Ministry as Writing program.

Next steps

Ministry isn’t just a vocation or a calling—it’s a way of being in this world, seeking to make it whole. ESR is ready to support you in answering your own call to ministry, whatever shape it takes.