ESR Pastors Conference

View a list of past ESR Pastors Conferences.

Conference Keynote AddressKeynote SpeakerYear
Beyond “Dear Church”Lenny Duncan2020
Intergenerational Worship and Religious EducationMargaret Webb and Karin Heller2019
Conversational Bodies: Recovering the Spiritual Practice of Conversation in our ChurchesChris Smith2018
Ministry on a Human ScaleMandy Smith2017
Bivocational MinistryDennis Bickers2016
Faith Beyond Belief: Accompanying Our Congregations on the Journey Toward FaithMargaret Placentra Johnson2014
Rest RediscoveredFran McKendree and Brenda Jank2013
The 7 R’s of SanctuaryRev. Deborah Jackson2012
Preaching, Testimony and Living the WordAnna Carter Florence2011
The Art of PastoringPastor Dave Hansen2009
Biblical StorytellingRev. Dr. Thomas Boomershine2008
Pastors and EvangelismElaine Heath2007
Pastoral Activism: How to Minister in a Congregation Without Selling Out Your IdealsPastor Wrightson S. Tongue, Jr.2006
Pastoral SpiritualityDelmer Chilton2005
Care-Full PreachingG. Lee Ramsey2004