M.Div. Emphasis – Unitarian Universalist Ministry

Earlham School of Religion has long been home to Unitarian Universalist students who resonate with the Quaker testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship. For all these students, ESR provides the opportunity to immerse themselves in a Christian seminary context that is non-creedal and inclusive of students with a wide range of theological views.

For some, ESR offers important preparation for ordination. Whether for ordination or not, however, ESR is committed to providing our UU students an educational background that can undergird a lifelong ministry.


Through a partnership with the Unitarian Universalist House of Studies at Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO), ESR offers a Unitarian Universalist Ministry emphasis within our Master of Divinity program.

This unique program provides UU students ESR’s uniquely Quaker blend of Biblical, theological and historical studies, spiritual formation, and vocational discernment, alongside dedicated UU coursework through MTSO in Unitarian Universalist history, polity and worship.

As part of the Master of Divinity requirements with ESR, UU students also complete a one-year Supervised Ministry residency program and one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education – both of which fulfill key requirements for ordination.

Our faculty

Earlham School of Religion teaching faculty create collaborative learning environments where students are engaged and challenged to think deeply and critically about matters of faith, theology and religious practice.

Next steps

Ministry isn’t just a vocation or a calling—it’s a way of being in this world, seeking to make it whole. ESR is ready to support you in answering your own call to ministry, whatever shape it takes.