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Celebrate Black History Month

February 13 @ 7:00 pm 9:00 pm EST

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Black Creativity and Imagination in an Anti-Black World: Reading Grief and Justice in Psalm 89

Upon considering the story world and historical context of the biblical text of Psalm 89, I cannot help but hold it in conversation with the experiences of marginalization and oppression that black folks in the United States and globally face today and have faced throughout history. Like the exiled Judeans processing the realities of their experience through Psalm 89, a 21st-century reading of the text includes opportunities to engage with its poetry for praise, remembrance, confrontation, and questioning anti-blackness in the world. This workshop hopes to encourage engagement with biblical poetry as an antidote to anti-blackness. Join me in reading Psalm 89 through the lens of holding racial grief in pursuit of racial justice, envisioning the ways art is inspired action, and noticing how creativity and imagination might support the co-creation of a world that challenges anti-blackness and seeks inclusion and equality.

About Nova George

Nova George (all pronouns) is a wonderer and poet interested in worship and the ways faith informs imaginings and realities regarding community, belonging, and inclusion. nova’s eyes light up in a conversation about the role of technology in spiritual education, liberation theologies, black literature as sacred text, and everyday ritual and spiritual practice. You might find nova lounging in a Brooklyn café having a cup of herbal tea, singing to a tree from their patio, or dreaming about the world they hope to co-create with all of you. nova serves as the spiritual depending associate at the Friends General Conference ( FGC).