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Billing procedures and payment options

Our staff is ready to work with you in determining the best payment plan for your situation.

As a student, you will need to:

  • Register for classes and agree to payment terms.
  • Register for an account in our online Student Account Center.

ESR will then issue billing statements to your Student Account Center, where you will have the option to pay in full within 30 days or enroll in a payment plan.


The Earlham School of Religion does not require pre-payment of tuition and fees, except in cases of repeated late payments by the student. Billing statements itemizing payment obligations to ESR including, but not limited to, tuition and fees, as well as credits due the student, such as financial aid, are issued in August for Session One and in January for Session Two.

Payment due dates

Payment in full of any balance due from the student to ESR is due within 30 days of the billing date (Net 30 days). Students will be alerted via email when subsequent charges and credits are made to their accounts, and payment is due within 30 days of the transaction date.

Agreements and obligations

The payment of tuition and all other applicable fees becomes an obligation at the time of registration. Registration in subsequent sessions and graduation from ESR are contingent upon satisfactory settlement of the student’s account. No transcripts or diplomas can be issued until all accounts are paid in full. All students must sign a Payment Agreement and Disclosure Statement detailing these terms and conditions.

If payment in full is not made within the terms of Net 30 Days, a student must Nelnet Student Account Center (SAC).

How to pay

ESR and Earlham College have partnered with Nelnet to create an online Student Account Center (SAC) through which students can view or print semester bills, review account activity, and make payments. Students will use their Earlham/ESR username and password to log in.

Emails are sent each session to all students and others who are registered with the SAC when bills are ready to view. Emails are also sent periodically with reminders to check the SAC for current information about student accounts.


Students have the following payment options:

  1. Make a one-time payment through Nelent.

2. Nelnet Monthly Payment Plan: A 4- or 5-month payment plan option is offered to students via Nelnet. Nelnet charges a $36 enrollment fee each time you select a payment plan, but ESR’s 1% per month Service Charge is waived. Monthly payments can be automatically withdrawn from your bank account at no additional cost. 


A student’s account becomes delinquent when payment in full is not made to ESR according to the terms above, or the student has not enrolled in and made timely payments via a Nelnet payment plan. A 1% per month service fee is added to delinquent accounts.

If payment is not made on time, either in full, or in accordance with the payment plan, the entire balance shall be immediately due and payable, and ESR has the right to take steps to collect the balance and impose restrictions, including, but not limited to: holding students from registration in future classes, withholding academic transcripts and diplomas, turning the student’s account over to a collection agency, and taking legal action to collect the balance due. The student authorizes ESR to release financial information about his or her account and other information useful in verifying the charges on the account to those concerned with collecting the balance owed. In the event of collection procedures or legal procedures to collect unpaid balances on the student’s account, the student will be charged all of ESR’s costs for collections, including legal fees, not to exceed 50% of the entire outstanding balance.


For information about tuition refunds, please review Earlham’s policy on Return of Title IV Financial Aid and Reduction of Charges. Click here to read the policy.

That last sentence should link to https://earlham.edu/policy/return-of-title-iv-financial-aid-and-reduction-of-charges-school-of-religion/

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