Peace isn’t passive

A weekly reflection from the QLC

Peace isn't passive feature photo

Today is International Day of Peace! For Friends, every day is an invitation to peacemaking, but in an era of violence and polarization, it’s important to be reminded of our calling.

It’s also worth remembering that peace is not just about being “against war.” It’s about receiving the gift of peace and manifesting it in every arena of life and leadership.

Sandra Cronk reminds us: “Peace is a gift, but it does not come magically through our passivity. Only in our faithful response to God’s call do we receive God’s peace.”

I was recently challenged by reflections from Windy Cooler in which she reminded us that preventing domestic violence is part of our peace testimony. She wrote:

“Talking to a Quaker survivor of domestic violence in a Quaker home yesterday they asked a provocative question: “Do we live in the virtue of that life and power that takes away the occasion of child abuse, as well as intimate partner abuse and all forms of violence within the family?” Shared with permission.

You might recognize this as being borrowed from George Fox (a founder of Quakerism) on the topic of war.

This Friend wondered critically about our Quaker institutional focus on child safety policy, as important, sometimes hard earned, and controversial as background checks and compliance with reporting laws are. What are Quakers called to do to prevent environments of abuse, even off our meeting properties but in our homes, and address intimate abuse when it does happen, with skill and care?”

How are you being called to make peace this week?