Theological education in the manner of Friends begins with hospitality. Welcome to the ESR website! As a Christian seminary in the Quaker tradition, we place high emphasis upon the value of listening for and discerning God’s call into ministry, grounded in distinctives such as integrity, equality, and peace. As an educational institution, we intend to be a community of learning where critical thinking and spiritual searching easily intertwine, leading us to a deeper understanding of God and each other, and a greater commitment to transformative ministry.



When the 2015-2016 academic year launched at Earlham School of Religion, two students began their journey toward graduate degrees as part of a brand-new program that will cover the entire cost of their tuition as students here. These students, one a Bonner Scholar from Carson-Newman University and the other a graduate of the Quaker Voluntary Service program, were among the first recipients of ESR’s new Leadership and Service Scholarship.

We have tried arguments for environmental concern, doctrines, and of course moralizing and guilt-trips. None seem to transform human action. Join us as we welcome Philip Clayton to tackle this issue through the lens of eco-spirituality as the keynote speaker for the 2016 Spirituality Gathering on Saturday, February 27th.