What Should Ministry Look Like?

As ESR prepares students for ministry we’re obligated to continually consider what ministry looks like and respond accordingly. Since our founding in 1950 ministry has evolved, and our attitudes toward and preparation for ministry

Lauramoore House History

Lauramoore House, formerly known as the Mary Birdsall house, is located on a large lot at the northwest corner of West Fifth Street and Richmond Avenue in Richmond, Indiana. The two-story cruciform house is on high ground near the

Alumni Stories

After ESR, God became bigger and more inclusive to me." Vivian Wyatt, Minister of Care and Business Administration, M.Div. 2011. After growing up in a conservative denomination, Vivian Wyatt was certain of one thing: Church should be inclusive.

Quaker College Leadership Gathering

Are you a Quaker in college? Then you are invited to the 4th Annual Quaker College Leadership Gathering!

ESR Leadership Conference

The annual ESR Leadership Conference is a three day conference with special programs, keynotes, workshops, and small group discussions centered around a theme.

ESR Financial Acumen Workshop

In these seminars, you will learn: basic money concepts that frame how to understand money, investment, and debt; issues related to income tax and ministry; estate planning; insurance options and strategies; and investment concepts, including developing a strategy for your particular situation.