What Should Ministry Look Like?

As ESR prepares students for ministry we’re obligated to continually consider what ministry looks like and respond accordingly. Since our founding in 1950 ministry has evolved, and our attitudes toward and preparation for ministry

Lauramoore House History

Lauramoore House, formerly known as the Mary Birdsall house, is located on a large lot at the northwest corner of West Fifth Street and Richmond Avenue in Richmond, Indiana. The two-story cruciform house is on high ground near the

The Ministry of Writing Colloquium

The annual ESR Ministry of Writing Colloquium, Eye of the Beholder, will feature keynote speaker Patricia Raybon.

Willson Lectures

The Willson Lectureship was established in 1967 by Dr. and Mrs. J.M. Willson of Floydada, Texas. Each year, ESR Seeks to bring to campus an engaging personality who will further stimulate the community's theological reflection and pursuit of truth.