ESR COVID-19 response

Earlham School of Religion follows Earlham College guidelines for COVID-19. Find out more on the Earlham College COVID-19 response information page.

Please note

Due to COVID-19 and limited staffing, we continue to encourage our students to make virtual appointments with any faculty/staff member.

Masks are currently required only when indoors in shared spaces.

Learn more about the ESR vaccination policy.

For ESR Students living in ESR housing in need of isolation due to COVID

For students in need of isolation currently in ESR housing (Anderson, Cadbury, and Lauramoore), Earlham College will provide space in Campus Village. Students in need of quarantine will stay in their assigned space, if appropriate, or be moved to ESR designated housing.

The Health Service will communicate daily with ESR students and the ESR dean will shape an ESR team to check in on evenings and weekends.

ESR will purchase a short-term meal plan through Metz for students in isolation. Meals will be delivered to students in isolation.

Who to notify if you have tested positive

The ESR dean, assistant to the dean, and director of business services are to be notified when an ESR student has tested positive for COVID.

Earlham College will provide ESR with current guidelines for isolation and quarantine standards of engagement. The time frame is 14 days and 2 negative tests for release from isolation.

Transportation to Campus Village will be provided as needed by an ESR designated driver.

Next steps